This Week in the nBA

The playoffs have started and we are off to the races!! I’ve had a couple of games to watch, study and review each series. Let’s see how I have things shaping out.

Bucks VS Pistons //Series – Bucks 2-0. This series was going to be a tough matchup for this Pistons team by any stretch of the Imagination. No Blake Griffin thus far, no chance for Detroit. Bucks get the sweep 4-0.

Pacers VS Celtics//Series- Celtics 2-0. The Pacers are the best defensive team in the Eastern Conference . It isnt helping. The loss of Oladipo is too much to over come. And Boston has something to prove. Celtics take this one. 4-1.

Denver VS San Antonio//Series- Tied 1-1. This is a difficult matchup to pick. Denver was very very good all season long. Anyone player on that team can explode any given night. However, History suggests you NEVER pick against the Spurs. I’m not going to start today. Spurs get this one in a great series. 4-3.

76ers VS Nets// -Series tied 1-1. Brooklyn shocked a lot of people in game one. Not me. They are young and play at an exciting up and down pace. Joel Imbiid’s lingering knee injury could eventually be the undoing on the Sixers playoff run. But it wont be this series. Sixers 4-2.

Rockets VS Jazz// Series – Rockets up 2-0. When the Rockets are focused, they are VERY good. The Jazz will fight back in Utah. It wont be enough. Rockets 4-2.

Warriors VS Clippers//- Series Tied 1-1. The Clippers made NBA history with an incredible game 2 comeback. I hope they are proud of themselves. This series is over, they may not win another game. Warriors 4-1.

Raptors VS Magic//- Series Tied 1-1. Orlando won the regular season series against Toronto. This ain’t the regular season. Orlando does present some interesting match up issues for the Raptors however. Sneaky upset potential is real here. I think ultimately Toronto squeezes out in 7. Raptors 4-3.

Blazers VS Thunder// – series Blazers up 2-0. The injury to Portland Center Jusuf Nurkic convinced a lot of people that they were destined for a first round exit, including myself. Now…I’m not so sure. They are playing INCREDIBLE basketball. Game 3 is a must win at home for the Thunder. I think OKC will fight back, but I’ve never seen Westbrook and company show me that they can close the deal. Blazers 4-2.


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