We know its April. Yes! You’re right, it’s way too early to be talking fantasy football, or is it?

The 2018 season saw the rise and fall of Fantasy Football’s house hold names. Here is an early sneak peak of Fantasy Beasts top 10 Wide Receivers For 2019.


10. Adam Thielen: Thielen has become a main stay in the realm of fantasy football. We expect Adam to continue his record breaking ways. NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings



9. T.Y. Hilton: This is extremely low for the explosive T.Y. However, when healthy, he’s a top 5 candidate.


8. Juju Smith-Schuster: Fantasy football owners, as well as Steelers’ fans are assuming Juju will take his career to the next level. Is he really ready?  juju-smith-schusters-



7. Tyreek Hill: Hill is undoubtable the real deal. He can’t be covered one on one. Andy Reid is dreaming of other ways to get Hill even more touches.


6. Julio Jones: Please don’t tar and feather me!! Jones possesses the unique combination of size and speed. Also, with the emergence of Calvin Riley, there’s a chance Jones may not be triple teamed.


5. O’Dell Beckham Jr.: A Total Freak Show!!! He may be the most gifted athlete in the entire NFL. Now watch OBJ bring his talents to Ohio. It will be magical!


4. DeVante Adams: Adams has solidified himself as the unquestioned number 1 in Green Bay. The only question is Aaron Rogers’ health.


3. Antonio Brown: If you call a rose by any other name my dear, it would still be rose. Brown has been traded to the R-a-i-d-e-r-s! We don’t expect his numbers to decrease in any of the major categories, receptions, yards, or touchdowns.


2. Michael Thomas: Thomas + Bress = a top 3 fantasy football performance.


1. DeAndre Hopkins: Back to Back! Nuke debuted at the top spot last season and he didn’t disappoint any us. Hopkins is entering this season to take a strangle hold on the consensus number one wide receiver slot.


fantasy beasts

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