Super Early Screenings With Migs: Long Shot (Spoiler free)

I was pretty blind going into this movie. I hadn’t seen a trailer for it, nor heard anything about it, and the screening was over a month in advance.

Long Shot doesn’t come out until May, but I won some passes from a contest held by Allied Baltimore. It was funny because I answered the question wrong on purpose, but whoever it was that chose the winners must have picked up on my humorous sarcasm. So the contest asked “What’s your favorite buddy comedy?” and winners would be selected based on their answer. I said “Changing Lanes”, and if you’ve seen that movie then you know it’s not a buddy comedy at all. That answer worked! I got a good laugh when I was contacted by them to tell me that I was one of the winners. To the Landmark Harbor East for the screening!

Seth Rogen plays Fred, who happens to run into his childhood babysitter, Charlotte (Charlize Theron), at a private event in NYC. Fred is an out of work journalist, and Charlotte is the Secretary of State, who is campaigning to become the first female president of the United States. After talking and catching up, Charlotte offers Fred a job as her campaign speech writer, and from there the antics run wild. This movie is funny. I was laughing out loud throughout the film, starting from the beginning, right along with the rest of the audience. It was a good time in the theater. The situations are quite comical, and most of the jokes land well. The political commentary and shots fired were a trip. Theron commands her role with her usual strong screen presence, and Rogen always does a great job playing himself in every film he is in. They have a cute chemistry together too. I was like awwwwwwwww. Ice Cube Jr plays Fred’s best friend, Lance, and his comic relief was good. The running jokes weren’t overdone, so they didn’t get corny. I enjoyed all pop culture references, including a scene that features one of my favorite films. That scene put a big smile on my face. The rating has not been officially announced, but this is definitely going to be rated R. Lots of raunchiness, f bombs, and drugs, so yea, bring the kiddies! JK JK. If you like Pineapple Express and The Night Before, most likely you will enjoy this movie. There isn’t anything special about the presentation, so check it out on a discount night or at a cheap theater when it comes out. I recommend it, so put this one on your cinematic radar. I’ll be seeing it again. Shout out to the homeys for joining me. Check us in the live review link below!

Live Review:

Migs Rodriguez

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