Screenings With Migs: Us (spoiler Free)

I went to a screening of Us last night, and after watching the movie, I left feeling like I was teetering on the fence.

There were several aspects of the movie that I enjoyed. The range of acting from the main cast was great.  Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Shahadi Joseph, and Evan Alex all have dual roles as the Wilsons, and their doppelgangers. Joseph and Alex both do a great job of being creepy as their evil counterparts. There is always something cringe worthy about evil kids. My man M’Baku, aka Winston Duke, was a trip in both his roles. Like his character in Black Panther, Winston was imposing, yet funny. The humor he provided was well placed throughout the movie. Lupita Lupita Lupita! She put on an acting clinic! It was great to see because her characters are very intriguing, and they drive the movie. Oscar worthy…..We shall see! The story centers on Adelaide (Nyong’o) going back to Santa Cruz beach (The Lost Boys was set there too) with her family, for a vacation. As a child, Adelaide went through an experience at the same beach, and it left her traumatized and paranoid. So as an adult she is fearful of what could happen, to the point where she thinks something is definitely going to happen. When their doppelgangers mysteriously arrive and confront the Wilsons, the story gets bugged out. I have to say that some of the story had me like “huh”. I was into it, paying attention to the metaphors and symbolism, but there were portions of the narrative that felt far-fetched. It was like “I see what you did there, but I’m not sure why you did it”. I wasn’t the only one. As I was walking out of the theater, I could hear other audience members saying ‘I don’t know what I just watched” and “WHAT WAS THAT MESS”. I talked to two ladies in the lobby, and one of them said “That shit was dumb, and I didn’t like it”. That made me laugh. The homeys liked it (see the video review). I didn’t think the movie was bad. It makes you think, and the horror you see stays in your head. I’m definitely going to give it another go, and soon. I feel like this movie was made that way. You have to watch it again, because the experience will be different for the second viewing. Even though some of Us had me confused, Jordan Peele deserves praise for his work. He directed, wrote, and produced the movie. The psychological terror is well written, and it puts thoughts into your head. I can see why Peele is hosting and serving as one of the producers of the rebooted series, The Twilight Zone. Us and Get Out could very well have been extended Twilight Zone episodes. I recommend seeing Us. It’s a horror thriller that “speaks”, so you have to pay attention. You can save Us for a discount day though. There isn’t anything special about the presentation, so you don’t need to spend more than 7 bucks on a ticket. 

Check the link to see my live review:


Migs Rodriguez

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