Movies With Migs: Captain Marvel…Ms. Marvel if you’re nasty! (No spoilers)

Captain Marvel is here!!! I have to admit that I was never a huge fan of Captain Marvel throughout the different inceptions of the character, and as far as Carol Danvers is concerned, I was more familiar with her as Ms. Marvel, and her ill-fated interaction with baddie turned X-Man, Rogue.

Danvers as Captain Marvel has popped up in some of the Marvel series I was reading a few years back, when Marvel Comics had Civil War II going, so I was looking forward to seeing how she was integrated into the MCU. We got a tiny glimpse at the conclusion of Infinity War, so I’m sure Captain Marvel is going to have a significant role to play in Avengers: Endgame. Bravo to Brie Larson for her dedication to the character, and the work she put into portraying an Air Force pilot, along with Lashana Lynch, who plays fellow pilot and friend, Maria Rambeau. I read that both actresses made visits to Air Force bases and spoke with pilots and other officers, so they could really get into their roles and make things authentic on screen. As an Army brat and a movie buff, I can appreciate that level of acting. I enjoyed Captain Marvel. I got to screen it in IMAX last Tuesday, and it looked great on the huge screen. Lots of bold colors, and the special effects were on point for the most part. There were a couple of scenes that had some cartoonish looking CGI, but it didn’t get as obvious as Black Panther, so I got over it quickly. The opening 5 minutes had the crowd cheering. If you already saw this, then you know what I mean. If you haven’t, you will have a big smile on your face, if you don’t mark out (like I did). Although some things were changed from the comic book origin story (per usual), the screenplay writers did a good job with the story, and the elements used from the comic books translated well. This movie is set in the 90s, so I got some good laughs seeing nostalgia that I grew up with. The film had all kinds of cars and technology from that time, so seeing Carol crash land into Blockbuster Video was funny, and she ends up “killing” Arnie!! Don’t worry…..That isn’t a spoiler. I got really giddy seeing the Street Fighter 2: Special Champion Edition arcade game in one of the scenes. I can’t even tell you how many hours I put into that game when I was growing up. Made me want to bust out my Sega Genesis! The supporting cast was good, including Jackson as a younger Nick Fury, Ben Medelsohn as the Skrull Leader Talos, and a great performance from Akira Akbar, who plays the young Monica Rambeau, Maria’s daughter. I’m hoping Monica is developed in future MCU films. If you know the name, then you know why I want to see her as an adult. I really liked the development of Danvers’ and Fury’s relationship. They had a great on screen dynamic, and you can see why Fury trust her so much. The backstory between the Kree and the Skrulls wasn’t what I thought it would be, due to what I know from the comic books, but I was impressed with the relationship between the two groups, which gave the story extra depth. Medelsohn turned out to be very interesting as Talos. The Skrulls are shape shifters, so you get to see different portrayals from him. His interactions and dialogue with Captain Marvel and Fury had me chuckling a couple of times. “Jazz hands”…..chuckle chuckle chuckle! I thought Jude Law was a bit typical in his role as Starforce leader and mentor, Yon-Rogg. Why is it that almost every cinematic male trainer who has a female protégé always says “You need to control your emotions”? Can we get some new lines, please!

As I stated previously, I enjoyed Captain Marvel. It’s a decent Marvel entry that was entertaining, although it didn’t blow me out of my seat. I thought it reached the level of Dr. Strange and Captain America: The First Avenger, but it doesn’t soar to the heights of Iron Man. One of the drawbacks for me was the runtime. I didn’t think this needed to be 2 hours, and I felt like it dragged, just a little bit. That’s a minor issue though. I get the need for the exposition, which served to unravel some of the mystery of how Carol got her powers. Captain Marvel serves as a good prelude to Avengers: Endgame, even though this movie would be the second Marvel flick if you are keeping up with the timeline in chronological order. I recommend seeing this on a large format, premium screen. Take my lady’s advice and check it out in IMAX, RPX, or Cinemark XD, if you have those options available. I saw it in Dolby too, but Dolby is widescreen, so you miss out on some details, especially during those outer space scenes. That Dolby picture quality is top notch though. If you have AMC A List, use it wisely and see Captain Marvel in Dolby and IMAX. This week I’ll be discussing Captain Marvel in depth with fellow Defy Life contributor, Scott Young, on his “Take a Knee for Marvel vs DC” podcast, so be on the lookout for that on the Defy Life network. It’s going to be a good show! If you are interested in seeing my quick review from the night of the screening, click the following:

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