As we roar into the heat of the NBA playoffs race, there a few very interesting storylines unfolding.

Will a deep playoff run convince Khawi to stay in Toronto (as he has a player option for next season)? Can a Kyrie led Boston team get to the promised land? Can Lebron get the Lakers into the playoffs in the West at all (more on this coming)? But something else caught my eye and I want to point it out before anyone else. During the trade deadline(see my Trade Deadline article) the Philadelphia 76ers traded for Tabais Harris. And Right under our noses…they have put together a squad that may be BETTER than Toronto, and without the identity issues of the Celtics. This team starts a lineup up of PG – Ben Simmons SG – JJ Reddick SF – Jimmy Butler PF – Tabias Harris C- Joel Embiid, all While bringing guys like TJ McConnell, Johnathan Simmons, James Ennis, Mike Scott, and Company off the bench. Remember..last season they ended the season as the hottest team in the NBA going 27-5! And I think they are a real contender right now. You add Jimmy Butler and Tabias Harris, and all the sudden you can can spread the court, guys are experienced and used to hitting big shots. The biggest key for me is..the glaring weakness In PG Ben Simmons’ game (his long range game) is no longer weakness. His already insane in the paint ability is now going to be nightmarish surrounded with this extended cast of talent. And they can DEFEND..not like the Pacers, but when they commit to it. I think it can be very very good. The real question is, can they Gel as quickly as needed for this run? Will Embiid give up some leadership to Bulter? Can Harris share the ball a little more? Reddick certainly hasn’t stopped shooting. As well as the aforementioned teams are playing, and as high as I am on the Bucks, I think I’ll have the most fun watching what becomes of the run that the 76ers are about to go on!! Good luck. Return next week and we will get into Laker and Lebron land.


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