Screenings With Migs: Greta (Spoiler Free)

I screened Greta Tuesday night at the Landmark East Theater in Baltimore. I went to the screening with no idea of what I was about to watch.

I never saw a trailer for this at another movie, so I didn’t look up the trailer online. I made it a point to not read the synopsis that was on my screening pass. What intrigued me were the two posters I saw for this. The one poster has a fish hook around a purse, and the caption says “Don’t take the bait”. The other poster is what really grabbed me. Chloe Grace Moretz looks like she is popping out of Isabelle Huppert’s head (those are the two leads), and there is some blood splatter. I saw that and said “Okay, I’ll watch this”. Some pals and I checked this out, and I have to say that we all walked out like “HUH”. HAHA! Wasn’t just us either. Plenty of the other audience members were tapping their chins when the credits started rolling. Moretz plays Frances, and when Frances sees a purse left on the subway in NY, she decides to be a Good Samaritan and return the purse to the owner. This is how she meets Greta (played by Huppert), and the two start to become friends, after they talk and learn about each other’s past. I was getting bored during the first 45 minutes of the film. The pace was slow and somber, and not much was happening with the characters. It starts to get interesting an hour in, and that’s when the tone of the movie shifted. I started to pay more attention because Greta’s tone changed as well. We were introduced to a nice lady who liked to play the piano and just wanted some companionship, but all that niceness turned sinister, so Frances and the audience get to see true colors come out! At that point I was sitting there bugged eyed like “OH HECK NO!!”  There were some situations that took place that made a good amount of audience members yell out at the screen. That’s fun at screenings. I yelled out “AWWWW CMON” one time myself! For me, Greta went from boring, to interesting, to silly. When I say silly, I mean I was cracking up. So were a lot of other people. I wasn’t jumping for joy after seeing it, especially since the plot was all over the place, but I didn’t dislike it either. More of a one and done, but I do want to see this one more time. AMC A List activate!!! If you like slow burning thrillers, then check this out. Isabelle Huppert does a really good job with her acting. Those shifts in demeanor were on point. She is friendly on the outside, but malevolent on the inside. See Greta on a discount day though. You don’t need to spend more than 7 bucks watching this.

You can see my live video review here:

Migs Rodriguez

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