Movies With Migs: Alita: Battle Angel (Spoiler Free)

I’ve watched this movie twice, and I enjoyed it both times.

I like the action, the characters, and the production is amazing. The CGI is really crisp, and it is mind blowing in DOLBY 3D!! When I screened Alita last week, I didn’t know it was being shown in DOLBY 3D, and I was taken back a bit. Normally, 3D glasses mess with my eyes, because I wear glasses. Hashtag blind people problems. For that reason, I stay away from 3D. Regular DOLBY works for me. However, the 3D glasses for that presentation aren’t made like the normal ones, so they fit over my glasses fine, and I didn’t end up with the evil Debo eye by the time the movie was over. I watched it in that same presentation earlier this evening, and there is one more day of the early fan event, for any readers who are interested. The major theater chains are showing it tonight (2/12) at 7pm.

So I had no prior knowledge of this movie going in. My special best friend (just watched the 2nd Lego Movie again) put me on to this. She watched the series Gunnm, which the movie is based off of, growing up. After comparing the live action with the Battle Angel Alita OVA (original video animation), I have to say that I like the live action more, but it was pretty nice how scenes from the animation were recreated for the live action. Spot on as well! The live action adds more depth to the story, and more depth to the characters. Alita especially. The writers added more to her backstory, which was an aspect I really enjoyed to see. Rosa Salazar does a great job in the lead role. She gives the character a lot of heart, which makes it easy for you to identify with her early in the film. I just can’t stand those huge eyes. CREEEEPY!!! Christoph Waltz as Dr. Ido was good. He matched a lot of the actions of the anime, which was wild to see. Mahershala Ali plays the villain Vector, and you get to see a range of acting in the character that wasn’t in the animation. Pretty impressive. All the cyborgs were dope!! They were big and bold, and they have awesome weaponry. The futuristic dystopian looked amazing on the DOLBY screen. Even though this is pg13, it still captures a lot of the brutality from the anime. I was surprised a couple of times. If you are a fan of the anime, I recommend checking this out. I think it would be enjoyable for casual viewers of action films as well. If any AMC A Listers are reading….use your subscription and see this in DOLBY 3D. That picture quality and that sound really hits. If you can get in tomorrow, you get a cool Funko Pop! keychain of Alita (which looks like the Winter Soldier), while supplies last. When I went to the fan event last week, they had a green screen picture booth set up, so I got a pic of myself as one of the evil cyborgs. Mikey likes movie stuff! The major movie chains are showing Alita in premium formats, so I do recommend spending the extra dollars if you have the option to do so. Just remember…..DOLBY>

Quality copy of the OVA that I watched:

Live video review:

Migs Rodriguez

One thought on “Movies With Migs: Alita: Battle Angel (Spoiler Free)”

  1. You might want to check out the manga instead.It’s what the movie is really based on,not the Anime.Then you’ll know where some of that extra material came from,and why some of us really hope there will be a sequel.

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