Memoirs Of A Lucky Guy: The Tale of The 2 Headed Dragon

Paul Douglas drops the latest installment of the wildly popular ‘Memoirs Of A Lucky Guy’. And it keeps getting even better!

Memoirs of A Lucky Guy: The Tale of the 2 Headed Dragon

By Paul Douglas

Based on True Events

So if you have been following the stories I’ve shared thus far then you should know who former co-worker Gigi is. After our brief encounter she made it a point to frequently call me up for weed and wild sex from time to time as an added bonus. This relationship formed into not only a way to make quick extra cash but also great way to meet people. GiGi had no shortage of hot friends who liked to smoke bud and she wasn’t shy about giving my number out to all of them. This led to me meeting Kim, Tanya and K-Dub.
So there I was on a early Tuesday morning up early around 10 A.M. sharp. I say early because at the time I was in my early 20’s and still in college. So 10 A.M. was the butt crack of dawn for many daily late night warriors such as myself. I started getting texts from GiGi asking me did I have any weed left. She told me that a friend would be calling me to get a lot of it so I should re-up cause she needs as much as she can get.
How much are we talking?
Like the shit people get in the movies, that’s how much¡
Well begin skeptical I answered the phone when GiGi’s friend called. Her name was KIM and she said she only wanted an ounce of weed, but according to GiGi’s 20 bucks a pop per visit usual, an ounce of any kind of bud would seem like the kind of weed drug dealers buy in the movies. It’s all about the relative perception at times. Anyway, I tell Kim I can hook her up and she told me that her and a few friends would come by later and get it. She then asked me if I drank, meaning if I liked to get tipsy or dunk kind of drank… I told her that I’ve drank before… It was on a Tuesday to be exact.
We both laugh and she tells me that she is a few minutes away. Normally, I would clean up my then bachelor pad up before a group of ladies came buy but this time I honestly didn’t care. I was on my way out for class that morning and I would be running late to stay and wait for Kim to show up for her ounce. The silly shit about this is, me not being a real, “weed man”, enabled me to try and tell her I’d leave the baggie under a rock and for her to just leave the money.

After she responded, I then knew 3 things… Either she was a good person at heart, really wanted to meet me, or both. she asked me what if someone saw me leave the bag under the rock and then came and took my stuff, or what if someone finds the money how will I trust it wasn’t her just lying?
So I decided instead of me further showing how much of a rookie I am to this weed game, let me just sit my ass down and wait a few more minutes. Finally, I hear a knock at my door and I reveal a short thick high yellow black chick with the biggest and bubbliest body parts ever. She stands next to 2 other girls one a tad bit shorter than the first girl I described and the other girl is taller than the both.
The shortest one is brown skin with little baby dread locks. You can tell she just started her hair journey but it looked good on her for sure. She stood about 5 ft 1 with a defined muscle tone that showed very well through her seemingly painted on leggings. She had a men’s button down dress shirt on, tied in a knot with a white t-shirt under it. The other girl was about 5 ft 6. She was a very curvaceous snow bunny. She had the look of a girl who’d been through a hard life but could still clean up well enough to get into almost any party and fit in right away.
She had the vibe of the gutter trailer park trained girl with manners of a drunk sailor with a mean right hook that’ll knock any man out cold if you pushed her to. Her voice was slightly raspy from the Winston 100’s that she borderline chain smoked. They all introduced themselves as (from first mentioned to last) Kim, Kim, and Tanya.
The first Kim was the thick BBW… If you are reading this and you do not know what that is exactly… then you need to pause reading this, go look that term up on Google, then come back and continue – The second Kim, is the shortie-wop, the last is the white chick. Tanya had a very dirty blond color hair that was shoulder length in a pony tail and she too had on some leggings that looked painted on. She wore a tank top and was not shy about letting the girls hanging out in their natural state. I invited the girls in and offered them something to drink. Almost immediately they all requested an alcoholic beverage.
After handing the ladies their drinks, I immediately asked which one wanted the bud?
Thick Kim eagerly raised her hand slightly bouncing on my low sitting couch that takes a good deal of physical effort in sitting up or down. I invite her to one of the back bedrooms in my 2 bed 1 bathroom apartment. Once we got in the bedroom I noticed thick Kim checking me out. I gave her an up and down right back and wondered if her and GiGi had been sharingrecent stories. She gave me some money and we headed back out to join the other girls.
The short one I nicknamed K-Dub to stop the Kim and Kim confusion then asks me if I have a girlfriend as she invites herself to make another drink. Of course I don’t stop her.
No I’m single, but I am late for class.
They all said they were sorry but, I could tell it was all just for the sake of being nice. There was no sense of urgency for them to leave and I could especially tell when thick Kim started breaking down weed and a cigar.
So GiGi told me that you two been cool for a little while now…
All 3 of them stare at me as if they know that I know… that they know what’s up.
ME Yeah… we cool…
That’s it? TANYA
Yeah why what’s up?
TANYA Just asking…
Oh Ok…
A moment passes and K-Dub starts to look around and finds a stack of DVD’s. She holds one up with a big grin on her face.
K-DUB What’s this?
ME You see it!
She laughs.

K-DUB Big Booty Revenge?
I like ’em thick what can I say?
KIM Is that porn?
Duh, what else would have a title like that?
KIM I don’t know.
Be glad you’re pretty.
Tanya squeezes Kim’s breast 2 times.
Don’t be doing that!
TANYA You like it.
ME I wanna try.
I don’t think K-Dub is gonna approve.
I don’t care it’s up to you.
So wait… Are you two dating?
KIM Something like that.
K-DUB You can say that.
I just like to watch and join every now and again.

You mean with the two of them?
Yes silly. TANYA
ME Interesting.
They all laugh.
I walk over and take the disc that K-Dub is holding and I pop it into the DVD player.
The disc picks up exactly where I last left it off at which was right on a close up of a girl getting penetrated doggy style from some well hung black male porn star.
Damn He got a big o’l dick!
TANYA Let me see.
Tanya jumps up from the couch and gets closer to the TV. We all laugh at her.
I see you like chocolate?
I don’t discriminate. You seem to be dipped in chocolate yourself.
Thanks Captain obvious.
Hey I ’m just saying…
A moment passes.
So are you gonna let us see it or nah?
I thought you was gay?
They all burst out laughing at my comment.



And since when did a gay chick care to see a dick that wasn’t being strapped on or came with batteries?
She’s seen a dick before silly.
But has she felt a real one is my question?
I have!
TANYA We know honey.
Shut up! They laugh.
Yeah I’ve felt one a long time ago but it wasn’t that big.
K-Dub points to the TV screen.
Well it’s never too late to try new things.
TANYA OK, I hear ya!
They hi-five one another as if they were two cliche guys ina locker room sharing a laugh at a bad over provocative joke.
Nah I’m not saying she should try me –
Are you saying it’s little?

Nah I’m not saying that at all!
Is it really weird looking?
Do you got one of them elephant trunks?
No, my Mother made sure they took care of that when I was born.
They all laugh.
Well…? Well what? ME
TANYA Let us see it.
Now here I am a grown man in college with 3 ladies in my small apartment pretty much begging to see my cock which was now growing to a revealing pitch that invited all of their eyes to gawk at the print showing through my basketball shorts. Not to mention the sight in the corner of my eye’s of some big bubble butt Brazilian girl bouncing up and down on some dudes donkey sized dick was kinda getting me in the right head space.
All 3 of them sat there staring at my mid section waiting on me to pull it out and it was in this moment that engaged the start of my pure confidence to whip it out whenever challenged. I whipped it out and it popped straight up like a door stopper! Kim licked her lips and bit her bottom lip as she inadvertently brushed her hand gently against her own breast all at once. K-Dub had a shocked looked on her face with her mouth gaped open. Tanya squinted her eyes in a lustful way.
TANYA Damn… I… wow…

That’s all she could say at the sight of all of my 10 inches. I will admit at first I couldn’t tell if they were impressed or not. I was shaven clean at the time so it looked extra big to my perception. Then I noticed K-Dub starring at Kim. She leans over and whispers in her ear.
I don’t know…
K-Dub leans over Kim who immediately takes this time to rub on K-Dubs plump petite fat little booty as K-Dub whispers to Tanya.
TANYA (CONT’D) OMG are you serious?
Why not?
I guess you make a strong argument there.
They both laugh as Kim is focused on K-Dubs ass rub. K-Dub doesn’t even flinch as Kim pulls her leggings down right beneath the cuff of her cheeks. It was a nice sight to see. Tanya said she’d be right back and ran out of the apartment.
ME Where’s she going?
To get some toys.
At this time I really didn’t know what to do so I stood there and lit a blunt and figured I’d see how this turn of events was going to play out. Moments later, Tanya came back in holding a navy blue gym bag with white straps. She sat the bag down and pulled out a long 2 headed black dildo that was almost as thick as my third leg is.
K-Dub and Kim moved to both sides of my couch as Tanya laid flat on the cushions with her back against the couch. She pulled off her leggings revealing that she had absolutely no underwear whatsoever on. She has the most creamy pale white skin with big green-blueish veins showing under her skin. She spread her legs open wide revealing her clean shaven pussy. I must say it was prettier than I could have imagined.
I figured I bring in my two headed dragon to help spice things up.
Two headed dragon?
Yeah that’s the name I gave it.
She took one end of the dildo and pushed it in to her slit. It made the sound of what is the equivalent to a serving spoon slashing down into a bowl of fresh made mac-n-cheese.
TANYA You wanna help me?
Tanya grabs the other end and points it to her ass. Kim leans over and starts to suck Tanya’s b-cup titties aggressively rough. K-Dub drops down to the floor and starts licking around the dildo that’s stuffed inside of Tanya. I reluctantly move in and grab the dildo from Tanya and I ease it into her asshole. K-Dub spits on the dildo and rubs it around the ring of Tanya’s dirt pipe as I push it in. Tanya starts grunting like a mad women. She tells me not to “play with it”. I start to move it back and forth gently. Kim pushes my hand away.
This is what she wants!
Kim slams the dildo deep in Tanya by controlling it by the bow in the large 2 headed dragon. Shortly after a few hard thrusts in and out Tanya started to sequel sneakingly loud and Kim lifted the dildo out of her and just like Old Faithful in Yellowstone, she squirted everywhere. All over my legs and socks, the carpet had what looked like rain drops of Tanya sprinkled everywhere.
K-Dub got in all in the face but after all she did have a very high pitched fair warning before hand. Although, once again I took note of K-Dubs stillness as she embraced Tanya’s fluids that cascaded across her face. Kim took off her pants and undies revealing her big light skinned monstrous ass. I mean when I say the ass was big and juicy it was huge as fuck with all the juice!
Kim grabed her humongous cheeks and spread them apart as she planted them square down on Tanya’s face who didn’t hesitate to start making long slurping noises. I managed to slide my dick back away in my shorts but K-Dub had other plans for it. She pulled it out and started licking the tip slowly working her tongue in and around the tip of the urethra. She slowly worked all of me in her mouth and took it as deep as she could before gagging just a bit.
She then started sucking it hard and fast and then back slow. I think she was trying to make me cum cause I was almost ready to. She got up and asked me could we go to my bedroom? The one who was a straight up homosexual female who just gave me one hell of an opening act BJ is now inviting me to my own pleasure palace. So of course I led the way. She followed along with Tanya and Kim trailing behind us.
All 3 ladies are now on my bed playing around with one another. Not taking the time to stop and think I immediately jumped out of my clothes and hopped onto the bed right along with them. At the time I was thankful I spent the extra 100 bucks on the warranty for the bed frame cause that poor thing was about to earn all of it’s worth.
Kim started sucking me off and her BJ skills seemed more advanced than K-Dubs but it’s not surprising since K-Dub only messes with the ladies, but then again I wasn’t complaining cause a hot chick willing to suck your dick is…well … A hot chick willing to suck ya dick, need I say more? So as I was stating, I wasn’t too surprised at the difference of skill level. Then, Tanya started to help Kim out with my one eyed monster. Unlike the 2 Kim’s, Tanya had no gag reflex and was very proud of it. She would demonstrate her talent over and over, slow, fast, you name it. It was like my dick was feverishly dipping in and out of a never ending black hole… talk about heaven on earth!
I was now ready to do some heavy lifting so to speak and I got up and pushed deep inside Tanya first seeing how she is the one who initiated all of this bedsides K-Dub bringing attention to the porn and all… I figured Tanya had her ass spread eagle and let Kim and I double stuff her like an Oreo with a bit of extra fudge with the cream. With that thought in mind I commenced to pound her super wet pussy for so long I’m surprised I didn’t bust 3 times.
I will admit I never had sex with such a thick white girl before, let alone had a 4some with one. The sight of her pale skin against my dark chocolate brown skin was really taking me over the edge. I tried very hard to keep from cumming. Kim was all into it also. I could tell by how she played with herself and matched her stoking herself to the pace of me stroking Tanya. Kim got very vocal as she coached me with every stroke. K-Dub was busy showing all of us how nasty she could be by taking turns on eating Kim and Tanya’s asses while she sucked my dick every 4th stroke or so while I was still hitting Tanya missionary style.

I pulled out and positioned Kim as best I could on the middle of the bed. The girl wasn’t big but damn she had so much ass and titties I knew I would bust very quick. And indeed I did the moment I got good and deep. Her booty was waving harder than Forrest Gump standing on the pier seeing Lt. Dan for the first time after the war… It was just too much to handle in one scene is all I’m saying. I got so rock hard and stood up as far as I could while still being in it and before I let it all blow, K-Dubed ripped it out of Kim and put it deep in her throat gagging and all.
Tanya held the back of K-Dubs head as she told her to take it all. I thought Tanya was gonna make K-Dub pass out as hard as she was pushing her face into my polish sausage. But there was K-Dub just being the trooper that she is and took it all. She didn’t leave behind one drop and made it a point to show us all that she swallowed it too.
Time passed and I took my time fucking all three of them one by one. It was like they all patiently waited for me to fuck one, re-coupe and then fuck the other. None of them seemed like they showed any signs of slowing down.
I had long missed class for the day but didn’t really give too many fucks about it by the time I realized it. It wasn’t until I checked an email from a professor during one of my many re-coupe sessions that I even thought twice about it. So much time passed that the sun was now setting. The girls and I decided to get some food and me being the kind of show off that I am… ordered food for all the ladies and myself. I mean I did get them drunk off of the cheapest vodka that I funneled into a Grey Goose bottle shortly before they arrived, so it was the least I could do.
It was now dark, we ate, watched Coming to America and 1 episode of Entourage that I had in a box set that was a random gift from an old buddy of mine. I noticed that Tanya and Kim had fallen asleep. K-Dub looked like she was fading fast aswell so I slipped away to the bedroom to lay it down for a bit now that the sheets were changed and the mattress was dry.
I laid there basking in the moment I just shared with these incredibly generous women and then K-Dub came into the room and wasted no time in putting my dick back in her mouth. She sucked it long enough to get it rock hard again and she climbed on top of me and started riding me as she propped herself up on her feet and bounced. I took all of her guts in and out. She started to tighten up and slow her bounce down.
I picked her up and placed her on her back and drove deep in her over and over. She got tighter and her secretions got warmer as I threw the hammer down over and over now breaking a sweat. I flip her over on her stomach and spread her legs just a tad. I push it back in and literally started doing push ups in and out of her super wet pussy.

She started to moan and lifted up her backside in a deep arching position and came all over my dick. It was so wet and she came so hard my rock hard pipe, kept popping out as I finished her off. I pulled out and she turned around quick like a porn star getting ready for the final pop shot. Goddamnit I painted her face and the inside of her mouth like a sperm grenade exploded. She didn’t flinch a bit, in fact she laughed at the amount that came out. She was surprised to see I had any left at all.

The girls and I ended up staying the night together in my apartment. I ended up ordering more food and getting a shit load of beer. We damn near smoked half of the bud Kim purchased from me but it was all for a good cause.

We all exchanged numbers and continued to keep in touch for a short while after that. I never did get all 3 of them in the same room within the same element as before, but I did manage to get 2 different combinations of the 3 multiple times until the fun of being new friends with benefits wore off and started being more like old friends who started to look for more than just sex, and take it from me when I say having more than one “play”, girlfriend sounds amazing until one gets jealous of the other… Until next time my friends…
Thanks for letting me share.

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