Screenings With Migs: Fighting With My Family

WWE Network sent out screening passes to all the subscribers, so this past Tuesday I had a choice of going to DC or going to Philly to screen Fighting With My Family, a biopic about WWE Superstar Paige.

I wondered why there wasn’t any screenings in Maryland, but I decided on DC and braved the “storm” (which never happened thankfully). I have never been to the AMC Mazza Gallerie, so that was nice to visit. No free parking in the area, but we are talking DC, so you have to expect that. The AMC is located on the top floor of the mall, and the inside is nice. It has a bar area, but this location doesn’t have the Coke Freestyle machines, so no free refills for the soda junkies. The theater the movie was screened in was spacious though. It reminded me of a theater I use to frequent in Pearl City, Hawaii.

The movie was enjoyable. I’ve been watching wrestling for quite some time, and I’m a fan of Paige, so I was down to watch this when I saw the trailer a few months back. It definitely will appeal to dedicated wrestling fans, and also casual moviegoers. It didn’t blow me away, but I did enjoy the themes, such as fighting to achieve your goals, and not fitting in the status quo mold. If you know about Paige and her career with the WWE, then you know she had to fight hard to reach the top level of the Women’s division, and she doesn’t look like the typical WWE female competitor (blonde, with big boobs). Florence Pugh does a good job in her portrayal of Paige, and she has a really good dynamic with Jack Lowden, who portrays Paige’s older brother, Zak. So we learn that Paige comes from a wrestling family, and her father owns and runs a small wrestling production, where Paige got her debut. Her dream is to be accepted into the WWE, which is considered to be the top level amongst many wrestling circles. It’s Zak’s dream as well, so the movie gets really interesting when they both get called up to WWE’s developmental program, NXT. You see sibling bonding and rivalry, and you also get heartwarming moments about being there for the people who are your family, through the thick and the thin. The wrestling choreography was pretty good, and some matches were recreated, so that was cool to see. I enjoyed Vince Vaughn playing….well himself! Haha. He plays a fictional NXT trainer (who may have been based on a real person), Hutch Morgan, so seeing him go all drill sergeant was fun. He had a lot of quips that made me chuckle. The casting choice for former WWE Superstar AJ Lee made some of the audience groan. That was amusing to hear. I’m not going to say who, but if you see this movie and you currently are watching Smackdown, you might groan as well. I really enjoyed Nick Frost and Lena Headey playing the parents of Paige and Zak. Not your conservative type parents, which made for some amusing moments, and the script had actual dialogue taken from Paige’s home wrestling videos. There are some clips of her home footage shown during the end credits so stick around for that if you do watch this in the theater. Fighting With My Family is a feel good film, and I would watch it again. I wasn’t wowed, so my recommendation is to see it on a discount night. That’s not a bad thing though. I liked learning about some of Paige’s pre WWE history. It stinks that she can’t wrestle anymore due to an injury she sustained. I miss seeing her in the ring and yelling “THIS IS MY HOUSE!!” Paige was dope in the ring, which is why she was a multiple time champion in the WWE! Check it out when it hits theaters.

Migs Rodriguez

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