The Super Bowl is hours away and the Pittsburg Steelers are weighing their options on Le’Veon Bell.

Star Trek followers say it best. “And the saga continues.” With the 2019 NFL offseason approaching the Steelers organization may be gluttons for punishment. Le’Veon is fresh off a season where he posted all goose eggs in every possible statistical  category. Just incase you’ve been living under a rock, I’ll fill you in. Bell sat out last season once he was designated with Pittsburg’s franchise tag for the second consecutive year.

The Steelers are pondering using their transition tag on Bell to give them ample opportunity to match any offer sheet given to him as a free agent, per Adam Schefter.

Schefter also stated, “Bell and the NFLPA will argue that the transition tag is close to $14.5 million based on the escalating value of tags, and the Steelers and the NFL will say it’s closer to $9.5 million because Bell sat out this past season.”


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