Memoirs Of A Lucky Guy: 2 Halves Make A Whole

Paul Douglas returns with the second install of ‘Memoirs Of A Lucky Guy’

Memoirs of A Lucky Guy: 2 Halves Make A Whole

By Paul Douglas

Based on True Events

So this story is a bit twisted if you were to step back and accept all of the social norms that society as bestowed upon us. Although, if you are an individual like myself then you have long left the chains of societal ethics behind yourself years ago! That mentality is what led me down the road to a co-worker’s home. Now usually I’m the type of guy who lives by a certain code.

I never get my honey where I make my money. It is a sure fire recipe for childish things to transpire. Which includes but is not limited to creating a negative balance in the old gainful employment account. Although, this time… I decided to make an exception only due to the fact that I was literally finishing up the last 3 days of a 2 weeks notice. I know most people put in their notice and bail the next day or so. I normally would’ve been in the same boat, but GIGI had a hold on me.
It was 4:30pm on a Wednesday, I finished up loading a tractor trailer at a large shipping warehouse. GiGi was a brown skin 5 ft 5 breath of fresh air. She wasn’t drop dead gorgeous but she had an essence of sexiness about her that was hypnotically alluring. She had an athletic build from the waist down and the biggest breast that I’ve ever seen stuffed into a sports bra. She didn’t have the flattest tummy but she certainly wasn’t a few cheeseburgers away from being a bulging blob neither. She jumped up into the trailer I was working in and I couldn’t help but look her up and down as the sweat from the summer heat trickled down the middle of her cleavage. She had blonde dreads that really gave her look a spark against her brown skin.
What are you doing after work?
Nothing, why what’s good?
I heard you the man if I need to get high up in the clouds.

I giggle at her attempt to use some kind of code. I really was taken back because I didn’t have any thing remotely available on hand to fulfill any request. Then again, I remembered something I’d learned a long time ago. Fake it til you make it!
Yeah whatchu need?
You got that good good?
It depends on what good good means?
You silly. GIGI
She leans against a set of rollers, exposing her big bulging titties ever so clearly. I couldn’t help but stare at them.
I mean… I’m just tryna see what’s really good?
Nah my sister wants some weed. You think you can help me out?
ME Yeah I got you.
Cool, I’ll get with you on the way out.
I just nodded my head and kept on working. -The next 15 to 20 minutes I ran through every thought in my head to figure out where and who I could get some bud from. I realized that it wasn’t the money I could make that was driving my focus or the chance to get in a personal, more intimate setting with GiGi… It wasn’t even the moment of immature pride of just making some busty co-worker’s sister happy which would make the busty co-worker happy, thus earning me potential pussy points, keeping me going. No, it wasn’t just one of any of those things… It was all of the above! But I was coming up short in the weed hook up department.
I hopped out of the trailer and I see GiGi walking away to the female locker room. She motions at me to wait for her. At that moment I slightly panicked. Then, the last thing I ever thought would happen… did. I stereotypically searched for the most gangsta yet approachable black dude I could find and asked him, “Where the weed at”? Just my luck this guy with long dreds looked dead at me and said, “Shit my dude whatchu need”? There it was… the moment I needed to happen that would open up the possible door of me getting some type of connection. I’ve been looking at GiGi prance around the work floor for a few months. We talked in passing and over time we got to know one another through talking back and forth while working in the same trailer from time to time.
I just played it cool because as I said, I like the money over the honey when they are coming from the same place. Then the dred head guy asked me again… whatcha want? I didn’t know. I was so excited at GiGi hopping up in the trailer and giving me her nice rack to to gaze upon that I completely forgot to ask. So I figured fuck it and I grabbed a half for the low.
GiGi came back out with a whole new outfit on carrying her work clothes folded up in her arms. Her and I followed buddy out to the parking lot so I could grab the half from him. I got GiGi’s number and told her I’d catch up to her. I played it off like I was some big time drug dealer who had a customer waiting. I could tell the confidence I was giving off peaked her interests in me. She texted me her address as soon as she drove out of the parking lot.
I handled my business and then I headed off toward the mapquested directions to GiGi’s address. I called her to let her know I was close and she asked me to grab 2, 12- packs of Bud Light Lime and I was obliged to honor the request. She asked me did I know how to roll up a blunt because her sister didn’t know how. Now this was puzzling… Why would her sister want to buy weed and she don’t even know how to roll? I just told her I’d hook them up when I got there and made a quick stop into a gas station.
When I got to the counter to finish the up the store run the clerk rang up the beer and the cigars.
Damn you bout to have a party ain’tcha?
Nah just picking this up for a friend.
Well somebody is finna be drunk as hell, I know that!

Hell yea… you right about that.
How many of y’all is it drinking these?
Just two chicks from what I know. I may have a few but I can’t drink too many of these anyway.
The Clerk drops a pack of condoms down on the counter.
Go on ahead and get ya some of these playa.
We both laugh.
In that moment I realized that I may be on the cusp of either a really great night getting lucky, or I was gonna sell some weed, roll it, smoke it, drink a beer, and go home slightly disappointed.
Yeah ring them up .
There was no reason to go unprepared. If you stay ready you never gotta ruin the moment trying to get ready.
I drive over to an apartment complex that had an up scale luxury and high ass rent look to it from the 3 miles of nice flowers I had to drive through when I turned onto the access road with the adjacent bike trail, jogging track, and dog walk all in one, following the road that lead to a complex of buildings.
I get to the door and GiGi opens it before I can knock. She changed her shirt once again and now has on a tank top with no bra on… and there they were with all of their glory. It seemed as if I effortlessly towered over her. She invited me in and showed me to the kitchen. Her and I emptied out the beer from the boxes into the fridge as if we where preparing for a vist form MTV Cribs. Then… GiGi’s sister emerged from the back bedroom.
This is my sister Tiffany.
TIFFANY What’s good with you?

Just chillen, nice to meet you.
I stare at Tiffany and I swear the only resemblance to her and GiGi was the huge rack she rolled up in the room with! Although, everything else just seemed to not really line up to the degree of likeness that screams these two are related. I could tell the puzzling looks during my back and forth examination of the two alerted them of my intrigue.
I don’t mean no disrespect but, are y’all real sisters or play sisters?
They both laugh.
We’re real sisters silly, she’s my half sister.
Oh ok cause y’all don’t look nothing alike.
The girls keep laughing as the ice is officially broken. Tiffany turns on some music and and lights an incent. She gives me some money and thanks me for the beer and the cigars. She hands me one. Then she begins to bust one open like a pro. She tells me to roll up.
TIFFANY You was right GiGi.
GIGI I told you.
GiGi’s sister walks off. GiGi stares at me.
You good? ME
Yep. So you bout to leave or you gonna chill with us for a minute?
I mean I can chill for a little bit.

She gets up and goes into the kitchen. Then her and her sister walk back into the livingroom and start feeding me beer after beer. They drink a few as well and we smoke. Time passes and GiGi looks at her sister and motions to the back room. Her sister walks to the back room and at the same time GiGi sits real close to me.
Do you wanna have some fun?
What you got in mind?
Look, my sister wants to see how big it is. I mean I think it’s big by what I’ve done seen but she wants to like… see it see it. Like up close see it.
Oh… well where she at?
That moment set in motion some shit I never thought I’d be apart of. It was some nasty freaky shit. I walked into the back bedroom and to my surprise Tiffany was laying on the bed in nothing but a wife beater. GiGi walks in behind me and strips all the way down. I was stuck in shock as I watched her lay down on the bed.
ME (CONT’D) Y’all for real sisters?
You ain’t gonna make this weird are you?
I mean I think we’ve already crossed that path.
They both laugh.
Come here. TIFFANY
She pats the bed. I walk over. She unzips my pants and pulls my dick out. She gives me one look in my eyes and starts to absorb all of my dick into her mouth. GiGi starts to rub up and down my back and I reach over to immediately grab all of her breasts that I could.

GIGI Take this off.
She pulls at my shirt and I rip it off. I lay down and they both help me remove my bottoms. They start sucking me back and forth one after an another. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The craziest shit is, I was smoking a blunt GiGi had rolled up not long before we came to the room. I was faded as fuck but still alert enough to perform and multi-task with the blunt in my right hand as I guided Tiffany’s head with my left, up and down as she shared it with GiGi who was on my right.
I tell GiGi to look in my back pocket and she pulls out the condoms the clerk at the store suggested. She opens one and rolls it down my shaft. She and her sister continue to suck it and the nastiest sex talk began. GiGi lit up with her blond dreads swinging everywhere as she pummeled my dick deep in her throat without a single gag.
Tiffany had a long weave pony tail but the shit looked sexy as fuck. Tiffany jumped on top of me in reverse cowgirl and bucked up and down at a very fast pace. I had to slow her down. Her 5 ft 8 voluptuous frame bounced me off the bed like a fucking rag doll. I had to regain the upper hand or I was about to be done.
Part of me almost let it all go but I sat up and stood on my feet and pounded the hell out of her wet slit porn star style. She let out the sexiest deep grunting moans. I relentlessly laid into her as the beer and weed kicked in just in time.
GiGi bent over next to Tiffany and I pulled out and dove right into GiGi. She told me to pull her hair and I granted her request honorably. I pounded them both proudly for as long as I could. As I went back and forth I landed in GiGi at the right spot and she tightened up and started to squirt all over me with her back arched like a dancer. She arched her back so deep it made me get harder. I drove as deep as I could. GiGi started shivering as she let out a loud moan that startled me. Tiffany laughed and laid her head on the top of GiGi’s ass cheeks and opened her mouth wide. I pulled out and ripped the condom off and went deep in her mouth and throat.
Tiffany did have a gag reflex but she fought through it like a soldier. GiGi whipped around and took my dick out of her sister’s mouth and milked me bone dry. She took almost all of the life I had. I’ve heard of stories of a voodoo doctor taking the souls right out of a man’s body and leaving the man frozen in time. If I was to ever say that I too have seen this type of black magic. It was right here in this moment that GiGi held me down and kept my dick in her mouth until it went soft. She let up and gave me a moment. We laid there for a minute and I rubbed all over both of them. I just enjoyed the fact that two sexy women wanted to fuck me senseless.. even if I did have to separate some morals to get the job done.
Tiffany didn’t wait too long to have my dick back in her mouth and it was just the right amount of recovery time because I was right back up and at it. Not too long after Tiffany got me ready I strapped on a condom and I laid on my back and GiGi stared riding me. I could barley breath as I kept one of her two breasts in my mouth as she bounced up and down. She started to ride it so fast that she made herself squirt again. She fell off to the side and Tiffany jumped right on me and took her place. I griped her thick cheeks and drove all of my dick as deep as I could while I spread her ass wide open.
Tiffany started to beg me to cum over and over and I did. I wrapped my arms around her and embraced her tight. she started to suck on my neck and moan as she felt me trimmer as I emptied all of the finishing act inside her. I just let it go. I pulled out revealing the hugest bulged tip of a condom that I’d ever seen myself produce. Needless to go too much further… It was a weirdly proud moment.
I laid there for a bit and GiGi pulled out the last condom from the pack. She asked me if I had one more round in me. I looked down at my flaccid penis and she started to suck it back to life. Tiffany had left the room to take a shower. So GiGi and I were on the bed alone. We fucked each other back and forth in ever position possible.
I honestly didn’t think I would come as the beer started to sweat out of me in puddles as I ruthlessly thrust into GiGi who was now in a legs spread eagle wide missionary position. She started to tremble and cum gushed out everywhere forcing my dick out of her. I tried to push it back in and it slipped in her ass. She grabbed my arms tight and went up and down on it for a few strokes as she was lost deep in a cloud of lustful sex.
It popped out of her ass and and she sat up and took the condom off and jacked and sucked me at the same time like a pro dick sucker would. She felt me get rock hard and stuffed my dick between her big titties and drove them up and down like two pistons in an engine. She put the tip in her mouth as she used her breast to jack me off and I came right in her lips. She didn’t flinch as she released my dick from the clutches of her beautiful breasts and took my dick deep in her throat. I fell back and GiGi laid on top of me.

Her sister emerged from the bathroom wet from the shower as she dried off. We hung out for a little while longer and I went home. 2 days later I quit my job and moved on to another. I only told one person about this encounter because I never really knew how to process that I banged 2 sisters. Like real sisters… Then my close buddy told me that, “in life, sometimes you just gotta accept when the universe gives you 2 halves to make a whole threesome”. So I got over it and visited GiGi and her older sister a few more times as I got used to my new job. Who am I to judge?
Thanks for letting me share.


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