Screenings With Migs: Glass (No Spoilers)

I attended an early screening of Glass last night, and I left feeling……underwhelmed. Did I hate it? Naaaaahhh.

I can appreciate Shyamalan’s dedication to these characters he has created. The performances were good, and there were a few scenes I really enjoyed. However, the slow pace made 2 hours feel like 4 (walking in the theater when it’s light out then coming out to darkness doesn’t help), and it didn’t really grab and hold my attention. I got to a point where I had to rub my eyes so I wouldn’t start dozing. I wasn’t the only one, because I saw other people in there sleeping. Straight KO! That was kinda funny. It starts off slow and it drags, but the story for Glass wasn’t bad. When Bruce Willis showed up at the end of Split, I wondered how the films would link up. It seemed like a stretch because of the amount of time that passed since Unbreakable’s release, but I liked how the movies got tied together. Split didn’t do much for me when I saw it, but the depth of McAvoy’s performance was a good highlight. I love Unbreakable though. It has a graphic novel vibe because of the dark tone, and that ending was an eye popper! It was cool to see Spencer Clark reprising his role from Unbreakable. Last time I seen him in a movie, he was a child, so I was looking at him like “Wwwwaaaaait-a-minute….aint that? Yeaahhh!” I liked his role in Glass. Superheroes need tech support! It was also good to see Anya Taylor-Joy back, reprising her character from Split. The dynamic between her character and McAvoy’s is interestingly weird.
Overall, I wasn’t blown away. I described Glass as “a plate of mashed potatoes that doesn’t have salt, pepper, or butter on it”. I wasn’t overly excited to see it in the first place, so it wasn’t a big disappointment. Willis and Jackson play their roles well, but McAvoy really stands out in this movie. I have to check, but I think there were more personalities presented in Glass, as opposed to what was shown in Split. I did enjoy the “super heroes showing up in the real world” theme, and the consequences of it. It reminded me of some storylines from X-Men comics and The Watchmen movie. Glass hits theaters Friday (some have Thursday night showings) and is being presented in IMAX and Dolby formats, and I really don’t see why. *Chuckles*

I’d watch it again, just to see if I feel different the second time around. I might even watch it in Dolby, just because I am an A List member. If you don’t have AMC A List, I wouldn’t recommend spending money for the premium presentations. I wouldn’t even recommend spending 10 bucks on this. You might enjoy it, but save it for a discount day or a matinee, and don’t go if you are tired or just ate a big meal. I posted my video review below. Check it out!
Migs Rodriguez

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