Watching Surviving R. Kelly Left An Eerie Feeling Inside. Almost Like Watching A Sick Episode Of Criminal Minds.

I’ve been an extreme R. Kelly fan every since I first heard Hey Mr. Dj, back in middle school. Everything he released was a classic. Every project he embarked on, fans and naysayers were left in purgatory clamoring for his next masterpiece. Robert Kelly was an Icon.

Now his piano keys aren’t as angelic . His voice bellows over deaf ears, and his songs mourn for airtime. He once filled arenas, now he can hardly get in them. The King is No More!

The documentary “Surviving R. Kelly” was an eye opening experience for me. The adjective sex predator epitomizes him in every sense of the word. Damn! He was one of my heroes. R. embodied the American Dream. “Nothing to Something.” I can’t believe I’m saying this…..”Let’s Mute R. Kelly.”

I know, I know! I’ve heard evidence that was impossible to ignore. Yes! I’ve seen the video. I have also heard numerous allegations surrounding R. over the years. However, I’m ashamed to say, I never once believed any of it. UNTIL NOW!


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