Memoirs Of A Lucky Guy: 5 Ways To Loveland

Paul Douglas makes his Defy Life debut with his adult short-story series, ‘Memoirs of A Lucky Guy’.

Memoirs of A Lucky Guy: 5 Ways To Loveland

By Paul Douglas

Based on True events

The fact that I seem to be an extremely lucky man is beyond my understanding of the universe. One thing I seem to keep striking the lucky iron with in life is ball slapping, spit swapping, sweat dripping, hot and gooey, great and juicy sex! The thing is some people are lucky at gambling, playing games, or escaping deaths grip by just an inch. I’m lucky in all those ways too but I’m not one to over toot my horn so focusing on the matter at hand, the following is a memory that will be shared not to hurt anyone or brag about anything. It’s just something that if not retold, you’d never think it was possible if one would ever think of it in the first place.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, my lady and I decided to grill some good eats for cheap after waking up at the crest of noon after a long night fused with Bubba Kush and Whiskey. After taking in the sun rays, we decided to call up some friends and throw a little impromptu gathering. My lady went into power planning mode almost immediately. She is manically good at planning things and doing her best to see the plans through. I on the other hand dipped back into the Bubba Kush, sat back in my patio chair and dialed through my contacts to see who’d I would like to indulge the day with.

I went through my go to guys, my core 4, my everyday aces… and not even one of them was available. After going through the normal, “y’all some punks and bitches talk to the homies”, I overheard my Lady talking to a few different friends of hers who were excited to receive an invite and were eager to get out of the house. So feeling a bit slighted and short handed I called a few extended work friends to see if they wanted to come by. Once again, I fell short of obtaining any accepted invites, but luckily one of my female work friends, RED – late 20’s, called me back and said that her and her hubby would come by to hang for a bit. Excited, I put the Bubba down and walked back inside to follow up with my Lady about my invitation progress. Revealing my news she then added that her 3 female friends, TISH, MOE, and BIG BOOTY MAE, were all coming by.

We then decided to make moves toward straightening up a bit to make our house more accommodating to host guests for the evening. After while, I went back outside on the back deck and started to clean the grill and then my Lady joined me and made a series of statements that would set the tone for the rest of the night. She caught me off guard for a bit and the fact that she stood there now wearing a snug sun dress with no bra, and what appeared to be no panties had me stuck. Her skin was kissed with bronze with no a scuff, lump, or bump in site. Her face was so amazingly gorgeous to the point I often questioned how did I land her and why is she still hanging around. I guess I’m just a lucky guy. Sometimes I felt bad at how much I will stare at my ladies alluring hour glass figure. I mean the woman just naturally has it all in the right places and doesn’t lift a finger in the gym to do it. She always has something on that reveals a good deal of cleavage and even when she tries to hide those beautiful D cups they still find their way out to play a little bit of peak-a-boo. She always tells me she does not mind me looking but I still try to mind myself every now and again.

I stood there taking in my girlfriend’s words I’m still trying to process what was said and for some reason, I asked her to repeat herself just encase the Bubba Kush had me hearing things in a skewed way cause I was a tad bit zooted.

I said, Mae told me she was bring alot of bottles with her cause she had a party not too long ago and mad people brought party bottles and left them there. Plus she claims she’s super horny and needs to drink her horniness away.
Boom there it was… “Drink her horniness away”… Now I knew all 3 of her friends pretty well over the years of dating my Lady, so I knew this was not a far fetched statement to take lightly in any way. Mae is horny and if she doesn’t get smashed she is going to get trashed… And one just might lead to another if who ever the lucky guy is plays his cards right. Then she says-

Tish said that the last time Mae had to drink away horniness they all ended up having a twerk contest at the apartment, acting a pure drunken fool.

ME: Twerk contest?… Interesting…

MY LADY: Oh is it?

At that moment I realized, I said that shit out loud in a very creepy pervy way. That right there is that high shit! My Lady laughed it off and she did a a few dance moves while telling me that she may have to win a twerk off tonight, and walks off. I stood there for a moment trying to take in what I just heard with the history of all of the friends I know of coming by. (The history will be in another edition of my Lucky stories)
Time passed and I got a call from Red. She started to apologize and for a moment I got disappointing that I may not be so lucky after selfishly thinking about all of my so called friends not putting their lives on hold to come sit around with me and my Lady, while getting fucked up, and over fed on one of their two days off from the daily grind. She told me that her Hubby had an emergency to deal with at work and couldn’t make it, so she wanted to let us know that it would be just her coming by if that was OK. I told her to come on by without thinking twice. For one, I didn’t buy the whole work emergency at 1:30pm on a Saturday cause last I checked dude ain’t really have no job, and two, I knew Red didn’t get out much and she complained of that frequently in the break room from time to time. So I figured a mini getaway from your normal setting was something she needed. Then again maybe buddy did have to work and I was still feeling the Bubba K and thinking too much of nothing. I then told her that she could come by at anytime.

By the time I finished talking on the phone as I struggled to multi task and get some clothes on, my Lady had the bluetooth speaker on blasting music. I came down stairs and saw her working on her dance moves and man… I wanted to throw all my money at her and then carry her over my shoulder to the bedroom. In fact I crept up behind her and suprised her which broke her stripper vibe, which killed my “bout to smash vibe”. After she settled from the scare and made it clear there was no time for a quickie, I got over it and let her know that I was gonna run out for few things we needed for the gathering. I then let her know what Red told me on the phone and my Lady was fine with the news. She asked me if I would be able to handle being the only guy here tonight?

ME: I stay ready.

She rolled her eyes and went back to dancing and tidying up our place. I gathered myself after getting played in my attempt to be smooth and cool and walked out of the house to my car. As soon as I opened the drivers door, Red pulls into the driveway. She gets out wearing a dress-shirt revealing her b-cupped cleavage with a pair of black leggings that showed off her thick well shaped legs and her amply plump booty, with a fish net type of pattern on them. She also had on a pair of thong flip flops that matched the color of her shirt. Her dark black shades added to her sexy mystique that enhanced the dichotomy of her light fair skin and her jet black hair. Although, she is just a light skinned black chick from the P.J.’s, Red definitely had an exotic look similar to that of my Lady. They both stood about the same height give or take, 5’2 to 5’4. We greeted each other and I showed her in the door. I could hear the excited yells of her and my Lady briefly catching up. I leave for the store.
I arrived back at my house and noticed a few more cars parked in the driveway. I got out and heading inside and I was met by the sound of 90’s R&B hit track… Pony. I go inside and see My Lady, Moe, Big booty Mae, and Red all dancing. Tish sits by rolling up more Bubba Kush. Tish has always had a crush on me and has never been shy about letting me know. She gave me a look up and down as if I was a snack she could devour right then and there. I walked past her and took in the soft core stripper tease my Lady and her friends where participating in. Next thing you know I’m getting pushed down into the couch and My Lady starts to grind on me hard and heavy. Red walks over to us and I watch her knock down a shot of a clear liquid. I can smell the alcohol on my Ladies breath once she swung around from reverse cowgirl to straddle me now facing eye to eye.

ME: You girls have been busy since I left…

MY LADY: Red made us some drinks and we took a few shots.

She leans in to kiss me and I received her tongue in my mouth viciously. Then I heard Moe say to my lady to bounce that ass! First time my Lady ever listened to a command so fast and I loved every moment of it. Here I am sitting in my living room music blaring like a club dance floor and 4 beautiful women were all watching my Lady give me a very intense lap dance. I look past my Lady and see Big Booty Moe slightly rub one of her breasts. Tish noticed and said something which brought a light moment of comedic relief. My lady leaned over and whispered in my ear.

MY LADY (CONT’D) Meet me in your office.

What about the food?

Forget the food and come fuck me.

She licked my neck which she knows always gets me going, hops up and sashays up the stairs. I stand up and reveal my little man once again tenting my shorts. Every eye in the room was on me. That’s when it happened. The next action that took place changed the trajectory of the evening drastically. It was the most unexpected thing I could possibly fathom happening in a room full of women that I had never been physically, mentally, or even social medially involved with other than my Lady. There I am standing, dick sticking straight out and Tish leans over the back of the couch and starts stroking it. Red joins her. Mae moves her hand from her breast down between her legs sitting opposite of me on the couch. I watch them all as Moe gets up and trots upstairs. I try to move with her and Tish grips my dick so hard I thought the head would bust like a balloon. She looks me dead in my eyes.

TISH: Can I suck it?

A moment passes. I look around as all the girls are awaiting my response. Red is now rubbing her hands all over my stomach and chest under my shirt. I can tell she is enjoying my latest gym dedication.

Just let me see it.

I need a drink.

I push Tish’s hand away and scoot to the kitchen and make a drink. I down it and it burns so good. I pour another and sip this one. Tish’s big thick self walks in and pulls down her romper top half down and both of her giant titties flop out looking like perfect balls of chocolaty goodness. I literally froze at the sight. I see Red and Mae walk up stairs leaving me and Tish alone. She drops down to her knees.

Are you gonna let me suck it?

I can’t do that like this. I love my Lady Tish.

She’s probably letting Moe suck on her… Why should she be the only one having fun?

In that moment I know Tish saw my face light up like a kid on Christmas. She stood up and grabbed my dick with her kung-fu grip again.

TISH Let me show you.

She leads me upstairs, holding my dick like a leash. She leads me into my home office and I see Moe buried face deep in My Ladies ass shaking her head back and fourth like a mad man. My lady was sitting on her hands and knees on a futon in my office. Moe had Tori’s (my Lady) sundress lifted up and was going to town. It was sexy as fuck to see! Red and Mae were still clothed, feeling each other up and down. Tori looks back at me and smiles.

About time you made it up here. Come here.
Tish finally let go of my dick and I sat down in front of Tori and could hear the slurping sound Moe let out as she was finally getting what she wanted after all the years of flirting with my girlfriend at work. Tori pulls my dick out of my shorts and dives down on it bobbing up and down in a feverish pace. Tish sat down in between my legs.

TISH Can I taste it?

Tori popped my dick out of her mouth like it was aTootsie pop.

I guess this one time couldn’t hurt.
Boom! Once those words came out of my Ladies mouth Tish spared no time. She damn near had all of my dick and balls down her throat. I almost came right then and there.

Damn Tish you sucking the hell out of that thing!
Tish ignores her and keeps pumping and jacking and slurping on my dick with the sloppiest BJ I have ever gotten since the time Tori got drunk on her 28th Bday. Tish backs off to catch her breath and Tori plunges right down on it. I can tell the alcohol is kicking in cause Tori always got freaky when she drank. At this time I can hear the music change to R. Kelly’s R&B Thug. I could tell someone was a fan of that era of music so I just enjoyed the vibe and the oral obliteration I was receiving at the same time.

Red and Mae moved over to my office chair and that’s when I got to see Mae’s big round bubble, music video girl booty. I mean talk about a donkey butt sheesh. Red started rubbing all over it and smacking it as Mae shook her ass to the song in the background. Moe got up from eating my girl’s ass and she moved behind Tish who squealed at the surprise of Moe pulling her romper all the way off exposing her bare ass and a cheata print thong that Tish’s ass was gobbling up. Moe dove in just as she did Tori. Then Tori climbed up onto me and started bouncing hard as fuck. She positioned herself on her feet and dropped nothing but pussy on my dick over and over until she came all over it. As she shivered like she caught a chill, Tish managed to squeeze her head in and slurp my balls as Tori’s pace started to slow down. I tapped her to move and ripped my balls from Tish’s hoover mouth and positioned Tori in doggy and slid right in.
Tish seemed to be really into my balls cause she found her way right up to them and stayed in rhythm with my stroke as she tea bagged herself with them spilling in and out of her juicy mouth. She seemed to not be affected by Moe who was now laying on her back with Tish bouncing up and down on her face. I look over and see Red in the same position as Moe with big booty Mae bouncing in my office chair on her face.
Tori started to beg me to cum in her. Tish pulled my dick out and sucked it and shoved it back in as Tori moaned for me to cum over and over. I guess it was the shots or the many distractions but I couldn’t honor that request just yet. I pulled it out, stood up, and shoved my dick in my girlfriend’s mouth. She took it deep and held it there. I couldn’t take the sensation so I pulled it out and complimented her for the effort. She giggled and kissed me. Moe jumped up on the futon and told me to fuck her. I hesitated.

MMMMhhhhmhmm that’ll be sexy to see.
So I inched over reluctantly attempting to mount Moe’s sexy booty from the back. Moe commanded me to fuck her! So I shoved all of my dick in her as deep as it could go. No warm up, no ease in, nothing. She grunted and started speaking Spanish. The room lit up with laughter as I drilled her and she went crazy. I pulled out and dropped the futon down from it’s couch position and unfolded it to a bed. Moe fell forward along with Tori. Tish took this opportunity to jump on my dick and suck it and I took that moment to let her. Either she has had lots of practice, is good at mimicking the best head givers in porn, or she was truly enjoying all of my 10 inches. (Remember I said I was a Lucky guy) I took it from Tish’s mouth and positioned Tori right next to Moe, both of their asses in the air at a 45 degree angle rubbing up against one another. I’ve seen plenty of adult flicks to know that this shit is a science when you doing doggy the right way. I threw one leg up and mimicked every porno I’ve ever seen and dipped from one to the next. Tish laid between the two on her back as best as she could and I had the best 3 chick hattrick one could ever think of. One by one I went from Moe, to my girlfriend and made a pit stop in Tish’s mouth. Tish didn’t have a gag reflex so I literally dipped balls deep every time my dick touched her lips.

I managed to do this up until Red and Mae wrapped their arms around me at the same time from behind and both started nibbling, kissing and worshiping me. I forgot to mention how quickly I had shed all of my clothes back when I unfolded the futon. So I was literally assed out. I say this cause Mae seemed to like rubbing my cheeks. Me not being used to anyone touching my ass, I tensed up every time she neared my crack, just encase Mae got a bit more handsy down there. I felt like a king. I looked down at all that was happening as I was now in my girlfriend’s silky and sloppy wet pussy. I busted the biggest load for the longest time that I have ever busted inside of any woman. I let out the deepest grunt that even caught me off guard. Tish pulled my dick out and started sucking it clean as I went back down to a semi from the rager I just had.
I collapsed on the futon next to my girlfriend, Moe and Tish. Red and Mae found their space on the bed too. We all just laid there like teenagers giggling and laughing. That’s when I saw Moe kiss my girlfriend but my Lady didn’t really kiss her back. I could tell that was a moment Moe realized that she would never really have my lady any more than this moment. Tori looked at me and planted one of the most nastiest and passionate kisses that we’ve shared in such a long time. I broke away and laid back down she started to suck me back hard. She told Moe to help and she didn’t hesitate. There I was back hard as a rock. I got up and picked my Lady up and laid her on her back. Moe spread her legs wide open. I pushed her legs further back by her ears and started fucking the shit out of her with an audience close by literally cheering us on. I looked around and saw Mae’s ass rippling from the force of me fucking Tori.

I pulled out and moved Mae on top of my Lady, them laying face to face. Tori instantly started to play with Mae’s big round ass. I put it in and felt all of her thickness as my dick pumped all I had into her trying to wrestle with this monster ass. She moaned so loud that we couldn’t even hear what song was playing at the time. I will admit I was giving it to her. It was after all my second wind so I had some distance to go and a lot of ass to cover. I then decided to just take this moment to see what I was made of. Men always say that they could handle more than one woman at the same time, Me included. So here I was with 5 of them and 1 being just as much as a freak as I am and the love of my life allowing me to have this moment pounding the shit out of her friends. I told myself, fuck it”… I pulled out of Mae and stuck my dick into Red who was laying flat on her stomach. After I was good and in it she pulled my dick out of her creamy pussy and stuck it right up her ass. She told me to fuck it loud and clear so the room knew exactly what I was doing. Tish said that she was next and in the same breath I jumped right on her and fucked her pussy deep and hard. Her big thick tittes bounced everywhere turning me on even more. I was rock hard and deep stocking fast and then slow, tip to base. Tish said to put it in her ass and I did. It felt like her ass sucked my dick up in it like a special anal plunger for dicks was inserted in her cavity just for guys like me who will oblige a woman’s request in a moment of heated rum fueled sexual conquests.

After a while of giving Tish some well deserved dick, I saw Mae bend over and spread her ass. I pulled out of Tish and tried to squeeze my way into Mae. I couldn’t hit home plate and kept sliding into second. Which if you know baseball none of that makes any sense so my point is Mae was not in any way ready for all I had to give in her booty. So I fucked her pussy a bit more as I held onto all of her cheeks for dear life. I then pulled out and started fucking Tori again. I missed her in the midst of everything. I couldn’t help but get a bit more. I moved up after her juices got me good and lubed up and stuck it in Tori’s ass very gently. She let me ass fuck her in missionary for a bit and then Moe straddled Tori and told me to fuck her again. I pulled out of Tori and stuck it in Moe’s perfectly shaven bald kitty. I ended up sticking it in her ass too. I pulled out and came on Mae’s ass as Tish and Red sucked my dick dry. I laid down and Red didn’t let up. She sucked my dick for so long I got back hard and came again due to her well versed head skills. Moe leaned over as I was coming and took my dick from Red and stuck it in her mouth. Tori busted out laughing.

Damn bitch! You thirsty ain’t you?!
The other girls laughed at Tori’s comment.
We all laid there for a while and finally made our way back downstairs and decided to order out. I took a shower and Tori came to join me. She held me very tight as we stood under the hot steamy water cascading down our ravaged bodies.

That was so much fun.

We should invite this group over more often.

She laughed at my delivery of the serious suggestion I made.

TORI Yeah we should.
We finished out the shower and re-joined our guest and we all ate and smoked a bit more bubba kush. We all decided to call it a night as it was now around 10:00pm. Tori and I walked all of the girls out to their cars and said our goodbyes and thank yous. Then Mae said we all need to go on a trip somewhere together. Tori said hell yeah we should. Red said that she has a few nights free and Moe chimed in that her father owns an expensive motor coach that he would let us use for a road trip. Then Ideas started floating out left and right. All I could think was… I cannot believe I may get another chance to be with all of these women again. That’s when I said,

Ladies, ladies… I don’t care where we go… As long as it is somewhere with warm weather, that’s bathing suit friendly, and tons of alcohol is sold.
They all agreed and we parted ways. Later on my Lady still charged from earlier started rubbing my dick back to life. I didn’t think I had much left, but I surprise myself all the time. We had a bit of playtime before bed. We finished and laid there until we feel asleep. As I started falling asleep and my Lady said,

We should take some sexy toys when we go on our group trip.

I gave her an, “uh huh” and laid there falling asleep with the biggest smile a guy could have. Later that night I woke up and couldn’t get back sleep. I looked at my lady laying there naked and thought about the days events that previously happened. It all hit me and I literally couldn’t believe that shit just went down. I got up and drove to a gas station. I bought a scratch off ticket and won $500 bucks! I almost crashed my car as I scratched the damn thing. I got back to the house. Took a few tokes of the bubba kush and realized that I was one lucky son-of-a-bitch. I walked inside and slept like a baby.

In the next addition, I will reveal the events that happened with all 5 women over the course of months leading up to the group trip. Some of my male friends make an appearance and shit gets freaky, crazy, and above all unforgettably fun.
Until next time… thanks for letting me share.


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