Dear Nique

waiting to exhale“That Shit Gotta Go”

Dear Nique,

I don’t like that my boyfriend still has clothes that his ex girlfriend bought him. So I bagged them up and gave them away. He even had boxers with her name on them but I been threw them away. He’s mad because he says it’s just clothes and it’s not that serious. I’ll be damned if I walk around with him with some clothes on some chick from his past brought him no it doesn’t work like that. Recently she brought him a shirt for his birthday. He doesn’t seem to understand what the issue is so can your followers help him understand or explain to me why I’m wrong ?

Update: They aren’t all old clothes tho. She buys him clothes for Christmas, Valentines, and his birthday. They were together for 7 years but now she’s married and claims they are just friends and that’s how she is with friends. The boxers were old from the relationship that’s why he didn’t care about them but he gets mad when I bag that shit up she just brought


That shit gotta go

Dear Shit’s Gotta Go,

I don’t believe they are completely over. Even if sex isn’t happening they are too comfortable together. Just go ahead and leave and find someone that is ready to move forward with you.




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