Screenings With Migs: Escape Room (Spoiler Free)

I’ll start this review with the bottom line up front. Skip this one in the theater, and wait for it to come on TNT or make it a Redbox night, if you do feel the need to see this movie.

When I saw the trailer, I thought that it looked like a watered down version of one of the Saw films. I was correct! I didn’t have any intention of seeing this, but I got invited to a screening last minute, so I went. Escape Room mirrors a lot of Saw V (I initially thought it was Saw IV), so you see strangers, who are connected by something, in a life or death situations, and they have to figure out all the clues in order to survive. I found myself bored after 25 minutes, which made it hard for me to really care about the characters. It was so boring, that I felt like I was trapped in an escape room. The runtime is around 90 minutes, but I felt like I was in the theater way longer. At one point I thought the movie was going to be over, but it kept going! WOOF!! I will use this review to plug The Charles, which is the theater I screened Escape Room at. I love that place. The Charles is Baltimore’s indie theater, so a lot of the independent films that aren’t shown in the mainstream theaters are shown there. The Charles also host Anime Night, which usually ends up being awesome. I saw Akira and Ninja Scroll there! For more information, click the following link: If you are ever in downtown Baltimore, I recommend checking The Charles out. There is a nice bistro connected to it, and you can bring alcoholic beverages from the bistro into the theater.

Key takeaway: YOU DO NOT NEED TO SEE THIS IN THE THEATER! I wouldn’t even recommend seeing this movie on a discount day. It’s funny reading comments about the film, because a lot of them say “This looks like bootleg Saw”. That assessment is CORRECT!!! I’ve been seeing some promotions on tv, and one film reviewer called the movie “Scary AF”…..I wonder if he watched a different movie?? There was one scene that was kind of suspenseful, but I quickly figured out what was going to happen, thanks to the trailer spoiling things. That’s all I’ll say about that. Before I end this, I will acknowledge that there are those who will enjoy this film, which is fine. I did a video review right after the screening was finished, and some folks had an opinion that was totally different from what I’ve expressed. You can see those reactions at this link:

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