The Defy Life Podcast Episode 86 – I Can’t Recollect…

On episode 86 of The Defy Life Podcast, the guys discuss the Kareem Hunt situation, Minnesota cops erecting a racists Christmas tree in a black neighborhood, answer listener questions and more!

Hosts: J.R. Glymph, Alvin Glymph, Gerald Hedrick, Thomas Stephens, Yusuf English

-Is there anything that could justify his actions in this situation?
-What is the NFL’s fault in this?

-Minnesota police officers put up a racist Christmas tree in a black neighborhood they serve
-Dutch man loses legal attempt to have his birth date pushed back 20 years

-What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done to impress a female? Ray from Augusta, GA
-What is your favorite pastime? Leonard from Roanoke, VA

-What do you KNOW YOU KNOW after week 13?

-Did the playoff committee get it right?
-Playoff predictions?

TRIVIA- J.R. Hosts

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