Screenings With Migs: Widows (Spoiler Free)

4 women, left in dire straits after a failed heist resulted in the death of their husbands. The plot that unfolds as a result was truly gripping!

I was looking forward to Widows ever since I saw the teaser trailer earlier this year. Trust me when I say I have been very giddy talking about this movie, telling people I know that this film was going to be tough! I was right!!!

I recently found out this movie was an adaptation from a British series of the same name, although I thought it was a book. I researched some info, so from what I’ve read I can say that movie doesn’t stray too far from the plot of the series. A heist flick usually has my attention, and the cast for this featured a lot of familiar faces, and ones I love to see perform. The story grabbed me right at the opening scene, and held me for most of the movie. There were two scenes that felt off, and they put a wrinkle in my nose, but other than that, a very solid and layered drama. I was very impressed with Michelle Rodriguez’ and Daniel Kaluuya’s performances. I am use to seeing Rodriguez play Letty from the Fast and Furious series, so it was good to see her portray a different character with different dynamics. That look of despair and desperation on her face in this movie was profound. Kaluuya is very convincing as a mob enforcer. He infuses a cold brutality into his character that made the screening audience say “ooooooohhhhhhh” during one of his scenes. Viola Davis is commanding in her role, per usual when she is a lead, but her character was also vulnerable and uncertain, and she displays those distinctions skillfully. Another notable performance was from Cynthia Erivol. Although she isn’t a stranger to performing and acting, Widows is only her second film. However, when you watch her performance you would think she has been acting in movies for quite some time. Her character was strong, and didn’t take anyone’s crap! I watched Bad Times at the El Royale recently, and even though I wasn’t feeling that flick too much, I enjoyed Erivol in it. She has a really nice voice. Looking forward to seeing more from her. I was cracking up when Lukas Haas showed up in Widows. Remember Mars Attacks! The kid who had to save his grandma…..Yes him!! After all these years, Haas still has the same goofy looking face. Made me chuckle because it took me a minute to realize. My dad was with me at the screening, and we got a kick out of that. We use to watch Mars Attacks! together all the time.
As I mentioned at the beginning of the review, the plot has layers, as do the characters, so prepare to pay attention if you go see this, and I recommend that you do. The way the social and political commentary was woven into the plot really works out. Plenty of real life parallels on display. The story hits, and it hits hard. I won’t be surprised if this one gets a couple of Oscar nominations.

Migs Rodriguez

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