Anything, Everything & Nothing with Lin & Kim – Best Punani EVER!

Lin and Kim talk about dating after losing a spouse, white male terrorism, holidays and more!

Hosts: Mei Lin Boykin & Kim Cannon

AEN- In The News
– White Men as Terrorist (Bombs, Synagogue and Grocery Store Killing)
– Racist Robo Ad Against Andrew Gillium.
– Butler High School Shooting- Bullying Is Not a Joke/ Buddy Bench
– Eric Reid Breaks down the NFL and the Protest
– Aisha Tyler Allegedly Hops the Fence

What Do you Think About this?
– Unhealthy and Toxic Relationships Will Ruin Your Life– STOP THE MADNESS
– When is it okay to date after losing a spouse.
– What do you think about dating your deceased best friend spouse

– Lin and the Stalker; Follow Up On The Neighbor and the Fence

– This Ain’t Got Nothin’ To Do With Nothin’


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