Movies With Migs: Hunter Killer is a decent action thriller that you probably won’t remember after you watch it (Spoiler free)

I just came back from watching Hunter Killer, and it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.

When I saw the trailer, I laughed. “WE ARE GOING TO RESCUE THE RUSSIAN PRESIDENT?!” Oh boy….gotta love that tagline! I like Gerald Butler in action flicks, and he has some experience saving presidents in these shoot em up (yet highly unreal) situations, so the action movie buff in me couldn’t say no! The movie looked like a popcorn action flick, but it turned out to have some cat and mouse thriller elements also. Butler performed well as Captain Glass, even though it felt like he was playing the same character from Olympus Has Fallen, just in a Navy uniform. He is believable as a commander, taking charge of situations and inspiring the crew under his command (see 300). He even has a heartfelt moment with another Captain. That scene was pretty cool. Seeing Common in a Navy uniform was a first for me, but he had a vital role as Rear Admiral. You also get to see Gary Oldman do what he does best…..YELL!!!! ALL THE YELLING!!!!! I love it. That tagline at the beginning of the review in all caps. Him yelling! HAHAHAH. I can’t remember a recent movie he played in where he wasn’t yelling. A couple other familiar faces (for me) were in the movie as well. The mob boss from John Wick (Michael Nyqvist…RIP) played a Russian Captain, and the ahole who shot Caesar with that fatal arrow in War of the Planet of the Apes got a good amount of screen time as a US seaman. I don’t feel like looking up his name because he shot my dude. Yes I’m still salty, especially because I just watched that movie. But I digress! Back to Hunter Killer. The story/plot isn’t bad, although if you’ve seen plenty of action or spy movies, then you’ve seen this plot before. It’s the ole America vs Russia thing. Someone has to stop WWIII from happening, and someone is manipulating situations because they want it to happen. It was cool to see it play out in a submarine setting. I enjoyed seeing the real set pieces, and the evolving technology used on ships these days. I’ve never been on a sub before, but I have been on tours of Navy ships, so I can appreciate the work put into giving this movie an authentic feel. Some of the CGI was meh, but not the worst I’ve seen, based on the small budget. I was actually surprised that this movie didn’t get marketed more, based on the cast, but then I saw that Summit Entertainment distributed the film, and they aren’t known for big time movie pushes. The movie has its “America is the best”, gung ho gung ho moments, but it wasn’t overly sappy with it. It didn’t feel like that was the agenda, as compared to some other movies featuring American Armed Services. The movie managed to be enjoyable, but not anything memorable for me. It didn’t really grab me, but I would say it’s entertaining. Not anything you need to rush to the theater to see. I could have used my A List subscription and sat in an AMC theater with recliner chairs, but I didn’t feel like driving 30 minutes to see this, so I went to the AMC Classic that’s closer to me and paid 6 bucks. I got points for the transaction and a voucher for a free popcorn so it worked out. Plus the theater was empty, and I prefer that. If you must see Hunter Killer in the theater, save it for discount night. Or just wait. It will be on FX in a couple of years.

Migs Rodriguez

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