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The 6 things that require zero talent…….#2. Attitude

Life is funny. People like to blame their downfalls on a number of different things. people, circumstances, or even God. But what some fail to realize is that success and happiness are right there us to take. As you know I will be spending the next couple of days covering the 6 different things that take absolutely zero talent. If you incorporate these things into your life, success will be be attainable. Last post we covered  #1 which is Focus. Today we will be talking about #2 Attitude.

A positive attitude can carry us anywhere. There are people who see the cup as half empty, Those people make up the majority of the unsuccessful population. The pessimist does not look at like with positivity. The pessimist sees the negative in everything. That is absolutely no way to live. Living the cautious life, its the popular road that is traveled to mediocrity. But on the other side are those people that LIVE LIFE! The ones that see the glass as half full…. The optimist. Those people have that “Attitude” that is positive.¬† Those people are the ones that other successful people enjoy being around. Positivity breads Positivity. A great attitude will carry you a long way. Good Vibes Only!!!!!


Coach E



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