Screenings With Migs: mid90s

I saw the trailer for this a couple of months back, and I knew I was in. How could I say no?

I’m 34 years old, so this movie was going to be a walk down memory lane. The 90s was a great time for me. The cartoons, X-Men and Spider-Man comic books, cheesy action films, video games, hip hop, the NBA. I could go on and on and on! It’s interesting and fun to relive childhood experiences as an adult, so when I watched the trailer I saw some of myself in each of the main cast. The movie is seen through the eyes of Stevie, portrayed by Sunny Suljic, who did a great job in his first lead role. I liked him from the jump, because of his tee shirt and his blanket on his bed! Two of my favs to open the movie! WHHHHAAAAAATTTTTTT!!!! mid90s put a big smile on my face. I loved how the nostalgia starts early! That shirt I mentioned earlier….Yea I’ll have to order one for myself. If you watch the movie and you are a fan like I am, you will understand where I’m coming from. Even though I’m the oldest of three children and the only boy, I could identify with Stevie, who was the younger sibling, and had to deal with a punk older brother. His experiences with making friends and being accepted, not having a clue about girls, and dealing with bullies were situations I dealt with growing up. Have you ever smoked a cigarette to seem cool, even though you didn’t know what you were doing? PEER PRESSURE, PEER PRESSURE!!!!!!! Watching that made me chuckle. Even funnier to see the antics to try to cover up the cigarette smell. Never worked for me. “But dad, I was just holding it for my friend” never worked either! Ahhhh to be young and dumb. The other cast members delivered on their performances as well. Ray, portrayed by professional skateboarder Na-kel Smith, was another standout. He and Stevie have a really touching scene together. You felt their sorrow and their pain. You felt their bond. I really liked the dynamic among their group, and the sub groups within. It felt natural on screen. I was not into skating growing up, but I enjoyed the shots of the crew skating together. The good times and the bad times among friends were highlighted, which made it feel all the more real. I was laughing at them drinking 40oz throughout the movie. OG style! My cheap beer of choice back in the day was the 32oz Miller High Life. I really got a kick out of the scene where Stevie’s mom disapproves of his choice of friends. A lot of us went through that too, but I wouldn’t dare talk to my mom the way Stevie talked to his mom. My mom would have hit me with the Liu Kang finisher from the original Mortal Kombat, on the Pit Stage……FATALITY!!!
Even though I thought the movie could have used another 20 minutes, I give Jonah Hill props for his writing and his direction. Good job on his debut. He grew up in that time, so having firsthand knowledge gave the movie and the characters an authentic feel. I loved the little specks on white noise you could see on the screen. The way it was shot gave it a VHS vibe. The dialogue was right (*Forrest Gump voice* they say the f word……A LOT, and not just the 4 letter one), the music was right, the clothing was right, and the atmosphere was right. It’s enjoyable, even if you weren’t a kid in that time. If you were, then most likely this is going to land well. I recommend seeing mid90s, but save it for a discount night. It’s a good flick, but you don’t need to spend more than 7 dollars seeing it.

Migs Rodriguez


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