Anthing, Everthing & Nothing Episode 3 – Bathroom Break

In episode 3 of Anything, Everything & Nothing, Lin and Kim discuss their favorite – and not-so-favorite – reality shows, relationship issues, This Ain’t Got Nothing To Do With Nothing, and more!

Hosts: Mei Lin Boykin & Kimberly Cannon

AEN Entertainment
– Season Finale Braxton Family Values
– Ray J Unsung
– Reality Shows (Favorites and Not So Favorites) / UnReal
– Meghan and Harry (The Hierarchy Foolishness)

What Do you Think About this? The Relationship Edition
– Settling vs Accepting
– Communication is Key
– Why do some Women settle for being a “Sidechick”?
– Why do People Cheat?
– Would you Rather your Partner Trust you or Love you?
– What do you do when you love someone who has someone else?
Or, Is it REALLY possible to be in love with more than one person? OR,

This Aint Got Nothing To Do With Nothing

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