Screenings With Migs: Halloween (Only One spoiler….PROMISE)

A group of friends and I were invited to an advanced screening of Halloween last night, and the movie did not disappoint.

Very fun time in the theater. Normally, I’m not a fan of talking during the movie, but for a horror movie screening, crowd participation can be hilarious. People yelling out “Awwww, don’t go in there”, and saying “Oooooohhhhh” together kind of stuff. I had a blast! I already have tickets to see it on Thursday. Hearing the Halloween theme in Dolby Presentation is going to be great. John Carpenter made a few changes to the theme as compared to the 1978 original he composed (I’ve been listening to both on Youtube….I always liked the theme), but it is going to bump with that surround sound. I’m a fan of the series, for the most part. The original is the best, of course, but I have love for the 1981 sequel, and even for some of the cheesier installments that came after. Busta Rhymes in Halloween: Resurrection is hilarious. That was heavy rotation on Cinemax back in the day. I appreciated the added depth and brutality that Rob Zombie brought with his retelling. The 2018 version is a very good mix of the original, and Halloween from 2007. When I first heard the news about this movie being in production, with Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis back on the project, I was in. Sure we have been bombarded with remakes and retellings, but how could I say no to this. Watching horror movies in October has always been part of my month long bday celebration, and Halloween is one of my favs from the genre, so this was perfecto!  I was hooked from the beginning. The opening credits are presented in the same style the original version did (this is the spoiler…wink wink). That made me smile. An older Nick Castle playing Myers again was absolutely creepy. Those camera angles on his face before he puts the mask back on were great. The brute force of terror he is on screen is excellent. The use of shadows and not seeing what is happening was straight out of the original. Jamie Lee Curtis wrecked shop! Total badass in her performance. Remember how Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor transitioned from their original movies to the sequels? Laurie Strode was on that level. I loved seeing her command the screen. The premise is simple. 40 years has passed since Myers came back to Haddonfield, and for 40 years Strode has prepared for his inevitable return. Now we get to see what happens when they collide. The writing and direction was good, so I didn’t mind that this story wipes out all the movies after the original. It’s okay though. All the entries can still be viewed if you so desire. I thought the 2018 version has a good balance of suspense and hard hitting scenes. The scene of comic relief lands well. The screening audience was cracking up together. Overall, very tough slasher thriller! I jumped a couple of times. I even cringed once. It was awesome! If you are an AMC A-Lister, you will want to use your subscription to see this in Dolby. If you aren’t, I wouldn’t say you needed to spend the extra money. Regular digital presentation is fine. However, you probably won’t be disappointed with a nicer sound, better picture quality, and those nice comfy recliner seats (If you have that type of AMC or other theater chain in your area). I’m looking forward to seeing it again. I’m going to the late night show with another group of friends, so I’ll be noting their reactions. I’m sure a lot of fans of the series and Michael Myers will enjoy this one. Go check it!

Migs Rodriguez

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