The Staley & English Show (feat Coach Kurtz) – The Super Team

In the Basketball Preview, The coaches talk about Region 4 4A with guest. Head Coach of the AC Flora Lady Falcons Coach Coral Johnson.

Hosts: Coach Josh Staley, Coach Yusuf English, & Coach Micah J Kurtz

In the Main Topic Section the coaches discuss the Jimmy Butler in Minnesota Situation.

The Coaches also answer the question “There is a BILLION Dollars CASH on the table. This team of 5 (Michael Jordan, Labron James, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, & Magic Johnson) show up. What 5 could you pick to beat this team?

Show Page@TheSandEShow

Coach Staley@Tal_Elon_Ali

Coach English@coachE1724

Coach Kurtz@KurtzM3

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