Anything, Everything & Nothing – Whicker Whackers

In episode 2 of Anything, Everything & Nothing, Lin & Kim talk Pooch Hall’s arrest, Tupac, “This Ain’t Got Nothing To Do With Nothing”, and more!!!

Hosts: Mei Lin Boykin & Kimberly Cannon

In the news:
*Limo crash in NY,
*LaCroix water manufacturer being sued,
*Woman has 20lb cyst removed,
*Nikki Haley Resigns,

– What Do you Think About this?
* Lebron allows 11 and 14 yo sons to drink wine
*Identical twin sisters transitioning to become males
* Homeless HS Football player not allowed to play.
*Parents Suing school because their kid didn’t make the varsity soccer team.

– Entertainment
* Pooch Hall arrested for DUI with 2 yo in his lap.
*Tupoc- Dead or Alive

– This aint got nothing to do with Nothing
* Lins Trip to Columbia with her Uncle
* Why do some people take perfect selfies and others are jacked up
* Have you ever picked up a razor with your toes.


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