Screenings With Migs: Venom (Spoiler Free)

I’ve been a fan of the black costume since the late 80s. I loved when Spidey had the black costume during the Spectacular Spider-Man run, and when Eddie Brock became host and turned into Venom…..YES!!!!

Although I liked the slick design when Spidey had the symbiote, you just gotta love the beast that Venom is!! THOSE TEETH!!!!! The 90s also brought the Maximum Carnage mini-series, which was an amazing story that had some awesome team ups, and Venom’s very own Lethal Protector series, which is what the film is loosely (VERY) based off of. So when I got news of a solo Venom film, I was in! The idea of a Venom flick made my nerd heart happy. The first trailer didn’t do much to excite me, but I dug the Venom design when I saw him in the second trailer. I went to a screening last night and…….***SIGH***

Now don’t take that the wrong way. I know that the critical response across the board isn’t good. I read some reviews that pretty much said this is one of the worst Marvel films, and it was not going to work because there wasn’t a Spidey/black costume story set before it. I don’t agree with that, but I have to say that Venom was unseasoned chicken for me. It sat in the theater feeling very bland watching it. I wanted to be excited. I wanted to have a fun time. Didn’t happen for me though. I don’t hate the movie. Not at all. I’m going to go watch it again (I have AMC’s A List and I want an IMAX poster), but the writing and direction needed help in my opinion. I wasn’t upset that this was a standalone without any Spider-Man involvement. If you remember the black costume episodes from the 90s Spider-Man cartoon, then you know that they didn’t follow the comic book on how Parker became host. It worked out. The story in the film is similar to that cartoon because the symbiotes were brought back from a space expedition. One of the features of the film I did like was Hardy’s interaction with the symbiote, but I turned up my noise every time a cast member pronounced it as “sym-bye-oat”…ARRRRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! The rest of the cast was just there, not doing much, including the bad guy who ended up being just another throwaway villain. At screeners there are always studio reps asking audience members what they thought. I hung around for a minute and heard lots of “Okays”. A few said “I didn’t like it”, and one “LOVED IT”…..I wonder what that guy was watching!!! JK JK. My opinion of the film would fall in the “just okay” category, but if you are a Venom fan, most likely you are going to see this movie. You should see it for yourself. I recommend 5 dollar movie days though. This movie isn’t IMAX worthy, so don’t go all crazy spending your money at IMAX, unless you are like me and really want that poster. If Venom was released 17 years ago, it may have been received with more positivity. But after all the greatness that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has given us, and even a few from the 20th Century Fox/Marvel team up, you can’t put out a Marvel film that looks subpar from the jump, and think a great deal of people are going to be overjoyed to see it. If you do go see it, stay for both scenes during the credits.

Migs Rodriguez

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