Screenings With Migs: A Star Is Born (Spoiler Free)

I went to a screening of A Star is Born last night, and I was very impressed with the film.

I didn’t know that this is the third remake (remakes…..remakes out the waazoo), and remakes are usually not as good as the previous entry, but plenty of people are buzzing about this movie already. It’s going to be a tear jerker for a lot of people. I could tell by the reactions last night. The level of acting is amazing. Gaga and Cooper have nice chemistry that doesn’t feel forced. You actually get submerged in their characters from the opening of the film, which makes you believe in their on screen romance. I really enjoyed seeing Gaga in her role as “Ally”. I’ve seen her perform on tv several times, however seeing her portray a non-famous performer that is unsure of herself, but sings her soul out, was refreshingly different. She did a great job. And who knew that Mr. Rocket Raccoon would hold his own singing with Gaga? They have a very nice duet together, and Cooper wrote that particular song with Gaga. They wrote and performed quite a few of the songs from the movie. I very much enjoyed the performances throughout the film. Cooper’s direction is most likely going to win him an Oscar. I’m not going to be surprised if this movie scores quite a few awards when the Golden Globes and Academy Awards come rolling around. I am definitely going to buy the soundtrack. Well composed songs that convey deep feeling. The screening was in a Dolby Theater, and if you have read any of my previous reviews, you know that I will always recommend Dolby if it’s available. That sound and the picture quality…..EXCELLENT!! Especially with this movie during the concert scenes. Kudos to the film’s writers, because the drama and emotional content are very strong, and you feel it. You go through it with the characters, whether you have experienced the situations or not. It was good to see Dave Chappelle, Eddie Griffin, and old man Andrew Dice Clay (who all had funny moments) in the movie. Took me a minute to recognize Clay. I haven’t seen him in a while.

I’ll be seeing this again for sure, and if you are a fan of romantic drama and music, then you definitely will want to check this out. If you have the option, see it in Dolby (AMC), RPX (Regal Theaters), or XD (Cinemark). It will cost more for those formats, but I think it’s worth it, for the score alone. After seeing this movie I have to say this: Bradley Cooper’s character, Jack, looks like a younger version of Jeff Bridges’ character Bad Blake, from Crazy Heart. Their characters had a few similarities as well. I’m thinking Looper 2……

Migs Rodriguez



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