Thought of the day

“It doesn’t matter whose fault it is that something is broken, if it is your responsibility to fix it.” -Will Smith

Blame is something that should never be confused with responsibility. A lot of us are unsuccessful because when someone does something us, we focus on blaming them. Teenager-Sad-Depressed_t580We end up exerting a lot of energy  into the other person when we need to be concerned with what we need to do to fix what has just been broken. Fault and responsibility do not go together.

The road to power is taking responsibility. It is easy for us to place the responsibility of fixing what was broken in the hands of the person who is fault for breaking it. For example, It’s not your fault if your father was an abusive alcoholic. But, it damn sure is your responsibility to figure how to deal with those traumas and make a successful life. It is not your fault that your partner cheated and ruined your marriage. But, It is for damn sure your responsibility to take that pain and figure out how to overcome that and make a happy life for yourself. I know it sucks….. when it’s someone else’s fault you want them to hurt, you want them to feel the pain that that you do. You want it t be their responsibility to fix it. But, It’s not their responsibility. Not when it is your heart.  You have got to stop creating these excuses for the reason things are going wrong in your life. Take responsibility for your life. You see when we point the finger at someone else and obsessed with whose fault it is, we get stuck in victim mode and victim mode is where the suffering lies. Your heart, your life, your happiness, and your success is your responsibility and your responsibility alone.


Coach E

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