Thought of the Day

When things aren’t adding up in your life, start subtracting.

It is easy for us as people to consistently fail and come up with excuses for the failure. There is something that successful people do, and that is self-reflect. Self-reflection is hard because you are putting yourself under the microscope. You have to step outside of of your comfort zone and figure out what is going; so we can assess whether what we did was effective or not.Addition byUnsuccessful people find excuses for their failure.  To a certain degree that is why those people will always be gazelles and not lions. That is why they will always be playing hide and seek with success.

Each person needs to understand one major fact…… We are the common denomination in our failures. Well if you are never willing to criticize yourself, how do you expect to ever get better. We should be familiar with the fact that wisdom comes from failure. We forget that we have to acknowledge the failure, analyze the data, then make changes accordingly. Well at least that is what lions do. Lions have the ability to look at themselves and not only assess, but make the adjustments that are necessary to reach the goals needed on their journey to success. At the beginning of the day I want you to ask yourself this question: “What didn’t work yesterday and what could I have done differently to get a successful outcome?” At the end of the day ask yourself: “Did I have a good successful day? If not, what could I have done to change the outcome?” Have a Good & Successful day.


Coach E


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