Thought of the Day

Don’t confuse movement with progress.

In yesterday’s thought of the day I talked about your own measure of success and how success is a journey not a destination. Well now we move on to the next level which is on your journey of success do not confuse movement with progress.Progress Have you ever felt as though you were doing a lot but standing still at the same time. That is because there is a difference between movement and progress.

Websters dictionary defines movement as “a change in position” and progress as “A forward or onward movement as in towards a goal”. Lets look at it like this, Have you ever ran on a treadmill? On a treadmill you exert a lot of energy, you sweat, and to even get tired……but, you haven’t been anywhere. On the other hand, when you run outside towards a destination, you end up in a different place than you were before. Many people today have no clue how to distinguish between the two. They might have been at the same job for years and have received a raise or a little promotion and they feel as though they have progressed…… Well just because you moved does not mean yo have progressed. You have to make a movement towards a goal. Remember that success is a journey, so let us say for the sake of argument you were hoping for that promotion……… what now? What is your end point? Progress is setting goals, achieving them, and then setting new ones. So I leave you this morning with this. What goals have you set for today? Do those goals promote movement or progress?


Coach E


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