Thought of the Day

Success is a journey, not a destination.

A lot of people today confuse achieving goals with being successful. And there are a good bit of the human population who measure their success by others success not realizing that we all have our own measure. Success is an ever changing thing. So what is your journey? walking a pathOnly you have to walk your path. No one said that your path was .going to be paved or yellow bricked…… it’s going to be rough and rugged in some areas and in others it will be smooth. But no matter what, you must have the fight within you to keep on.

We have one big issue on the journey to success, and that is we are so busy looking at others success that we view and look at our success in relation to someone else’s. So, we look on their Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter and so on, and see all these great statuses and pictures and say to ourselves…..”Why not me”? I have done that myself until recently. I had a talk with two of my very close friends. My first friend Doc was listening to me complain about how i was frustrated with my success in relation to others in my field and he pointed out that it took some of my contemporaries 15 to 20 years to accomplish what I have done in 5, Your own measure. He said “Stop looking at where you are in relation to them, but keep grinding and you will surpass them”. That stuck with me. Success is a journey, not a destination.  You have to walk your path at your pace and without the influence of anyone else’s success! Be you doing you! Have a great journey.


Coach E

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