Screenings With Migs: The Predator (Spoiler Free)

I just got back home from an early screening, and I enjoyed the film. It didn’t blow me away, but I had a good time in the theater. The action is decent, the Predators look great, and the practical effects were on point.

I am biased when it comes to anything involving Predators, so I will always recommend a movie that has them in it. Sure, the earlier  films are waaaaaaaay better than the later entries of the series (including the AvP films), but I dig all of them. Predator and Predator 2 are two of my favs, so it was cool to see The Predator include some throwbacks to OG classics. There is a reference to a throwback that made me chuckle. Pretty meta. You’ll see. I will say that I think the movie could have been a better. The story adds to the lore of the aliens by providing bits of new information, but it doesn’t dive deep into new territory. I’m still waiting on a Predator movie that doesn’t revolve around humans, but I digress! Provided that this one does well at the box office, I am sure we will see more movies. That was Shane Black’s (the director) intention from the jump. I was really impressed with the new technology that is presented. Always a treat in my book. This one has more comic relief than previous entries, largely due to the duo of Keegan Key and Thomas Jane. It works for the most part. There is even a scene that made the audience laugh out loud. In my opinion however, I wish the comedy was turned down just a bit. It got silly during certain scenes. That’s pretty much my only gripe for now. It’s a bit early to go all in, plus I am going to see this one again. The AMC theater that I frequent is showing The Predator with Dolby presentation, so I will definitely be using my A List subscription for a second viewing. Looking forward to a much crisper image and that surround sound. The recliner seats are comfy as well. Longtime, hardcore fans of the series will probably enjoy this. It’s been 8 years since we got a Predator movie, so folks are eager to see this in the theater. I’d recommend this to casual fans of the action genre as well. Early showings start this Thursday, so enjoy!

Migs Rodriguez


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