Coach E’s Thought of the day

This is the first in a series of daily blogs on the Staley and English Show featuring Coach Kurtz page. It is my “Thought of the Day”.

Today’s thought of the day is “If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting the results you have always gotten”. In today’s society, there a plethora of people who believe that they will achieve their goals by continuing to do what they have always done. Well, lets think about this. If you have not achieved any of your goals, what do you think is the problem? I tell you what…….. it’s not the goals fault. It’s yours! To do something you have never done, you have to do something you have never done. On last weeks episode of the show we talked about life long winners. One of the things I said was winners wake up each morning and attack their goals with desire and zeal. Winners have a hunger in their belly that does not allow them to be “Normal” or “Pedestrian”. About two nights ago I was on the phone with one of the kids I train and his mom asked why wasn’t he getting the interest that some of the other kids in his class was getting? And I was honest with them, I responded that although he has the skill and the talent, he is not a killer. I told them about the the difference in the lion and the gazelle. For those of you don’t know it, Eric Thomas, renowned motivational speaker, says that the the difference between the lion and the gazelle is that the gazelle wakes up ready to run from the predators. The Lion on the other hand, wakes up ready to hunt. He loves the hunt. The lion does not want the injured or hurt. It want the healthy one. The question I leave you with today is which are you a lion or a gazelle? You get to choose which one you are! And remember, to get somewhere you have never been, you have to do something you have never done. #StaleyEnglishKurtz #TOTD #DefyLife #TheJUKEIMG_1128


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