The Staley & English Show (feat Coach Kurtz): Being A Life Long Winner

We are excited to welcome The Staley & English Show to The Defy Life Podcast Network! Coach Josh Staley and Coach Yusuf English discuss an array of different topics from a coach’s perspective.

This week on the show, The coaches, in the current events segment, give their opinions on the Urban Meyer suspension. They then get into the topic of the week “Being a life long winner”. They also discuss what it takes to be a winner in all aspects of life. ENJOY THE SHOW!!!!!!!

Hosts: Coach Josh Staley, Coach Yusuf English, Coach Micah J Kurtz

Follow on Twitter:

Show Page@TheSandEShow

Coach Staley@Tal_Elon_Ali

Coach English@coachE1724

Coach Kurtz@KurtzM3

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