Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson Face Off In $9M match-play PPV event Nov 23

Battle lines have been drawn as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson announced on Twitter Wednesday that they will be playing in a winner-take-all match was on Thanksgiving weekend.


Turner Sports will produce the event, which will offer $9 million to the winner and will be played at Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas. No charities will be receiving this purse as the golfers will square off with more than just pride on the line.

“It’s an opportunity for us to bring golf to the masses in prime time during a period where we don’t have much going on in the world of golf,” Mickelson said, “It’s a way to show a side you don’t normally see by having us miked up to hear some of the interaction between us.”

The 48-year-old Mickelson and the 42-year-old Woods have seen their relationship mellow in recent years.  Only a small number of fans will be allowed in the view the spectacle as this will surely be a hot ticket.

“With only two guys, we should have a total different experience with fans, because we will have smaller galleries that won’t necessarily have ropes that can walk inside the fairway and up near the greens,” Mickelson said. “We’ll have mics on both us and our caddies and you’ll be able to hear all of the banter as well as commentating that will be more interactive. The idea is not just to have this great match but to have this interactive experience so fans can see something that they’ve never seen in televised golf before.”

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