Ohio State To Suspend Urban Meyer for Three Games

Urban Meyer, the head football coach of The Ohio State University Buckeyes, has been suspended a paltry three games, after a university investigation found fault with the way he handled the Zach Smith case who was accused of domestic violence.


The games will be against schools that shouldn’t give the Buckeyes any trouble, Oregon State, Rutgers and Texas Christian.  The school’s athletic director, Gene Smith, was also suspended for the way the report was mishandled and is most likely the reason Meyer wasn’t just fired outright.

Meyer has been on paid administrative leave since Aug. 1 after allegations that Meyer knew that Smith, had been accused of domestic abuse in 2015. Meyer initially lied saying he had just learned of the case, but after evidence arose showing that he was not being truthful, he released a statement saying he “misspoke” and had “followed proper reporting protocols and procedures.”

Urban Meyer and Aaron Hernandez

Last time Meyer was caught in a scandal, this time with the Florida Gators, he faked a heart attack, and “retired” supposedly to spend time with his family. As soon as the Ohio gig opened up less than a year later, his heart had miraculously healed, and his family time obligations had been fulfilled so he went back to coaching.

Wednesday night, Meyer did express remorse for giving Smith the “benefit of the doubt” saying, “I followed my heart and not my head,” but with this guy it is all about gaining an edge, and he seems to only admit he has gone too far when he is cornered.

Meyer is a hell of a coach and honestly I don’t think he is any different than any of the top coaches in the grimy college exploitation industry.  Meyer has a 73-8 record in seven years at Ohio State, and won a national championship with the Buckeyes following the 2014 season. The fact is, had OSU fired him, he would have had his pick of landing spots including in the NFL where some positions will surely be coming open in about 3 months or so.

The fact is winning trumps citizenship in most programs and until fans and alumni begin to care why should the coaches behave any different.




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