We just can’t get enough of it; Power. We’re back! This is one of our favorite episodes thus far.

Listen as we express various opinions on the Burning Questions of Power Season 5, episode 7, The Devil inside. Here’s a few lines from tonights show. Can you tell me who?

Host: Thomas Stephens

Guest: B, Quanda, Rashaun, Niq-Le’bel, Chiquita

Available atGoDefyLife.comSpreaker and YouTube

A few burning questions

1. Tasha thought she had Silver on lock, why did Silver abandon her?

2. Should Angie trust her intuition by actually doing what she’s saying, “we should stay away from each other.”

3. Has Donovan given Angela enough info to wiggle her way free of this mess?

Whose line is this?

1. “Get your coat we’re going to the police..Now!”

2. “When people are in love they make bad decisions.”

3. “The cleaner you get..the dirtier I become..”

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