Final Suspect Arrested in the Murder of XXXTentacion

Trayvon Newsome surrendered to authorities Tuesday at the office of his lawyer in Fort Lauderdale to face  charges of first-degree murder and robbery with a deadly weapon.


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According to prosecutors and statements from one of the suspects(Robert Allen) Newson, Allen, Michael Boatwright; and Dedrick Williams followed XXX to Riva Motorsports Superstore where they murdered and robbed him of $50,000 cash. Prosecutors allege that Boatwright later posed with some of the cash and posted the pictures on Instagram.

In a Miami Herald article, prosecutors detailed the movements  of the men the day before, day of, and after the robbery/murder. They believe that Newsome and Boatwright did the actual shooting while the others served as a look out and get a way driver.



One thought on “Final Suspect Arrested in the Murder of XXXTentacion”

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