Happy Birthday Gerald Hedrick Jr.!

We’d like to wish a very happy birthday to the newest member of the Defy Life crew!!!

Ever want to know more about the life and times of Gerald Hedrick Jr? Of course, you do. Don’t we all? Well, you’re in luck folks! In honor of his birthday, Gerald agreed to give Defy Life the exclusive rundown of his personal history. I must say…I came away impressed. I came away entertained. But, most of all, I came away confused. Thanks, Gerald!

Sen. Gerald Pierre-Paul Shaytavius Hedrick Jr IV, Esq., (11 May 1916 – present),

Known AKA’s include “G-Money”, “Money”, “Jerk with the Smirk” and “Tom”, was one of the most renowned Peruvian beatboxers of the Ming empire, as well as a notoriously popular supporter of all things New Orleans Saints, LeBron James enthusiast and semi-professional Hip Hop tambourine player.

”’Early Years”’

Gerald Pierre-Paul Shaytavius Hedrick  was born on 7 August 1916, in the obscure country of Kiribati, the sixth of 19 children to Jerry Richardson Hedrick (1879–1951), a world famous tap dancer, and his wife, Moms Mabley (1880–1943). When Gerald was nine , the family moved to Seattle, WA. In 1926, when he was ten, the family relocated to 113 MLK Blvd, in downtown Houston, TX, where the family gained a reputation for feverishly cheering on the Houston Texans.


Gerald, along with Thomas Stephens on the campus of Allen University, circa 1959.

While there is no official educational documentation of Gerald outside of memorizing the lyrics to Jay-Z’s “Hard Knock Life”, Gerald is rumored to have graduated with quazi-honors from Allen University. “Money” is also credited with uncovering the Watergate scandal. Gerald credits an Egyptian midget named Sam “Stretch” Thompson for “everything I know about ‘Basketball Wives’.  “Stretch” would later go on to lead the Iceland Army soccer team in scoring in six consecutive offseason tournaments.

G-Money is also an award winning composer/songwriter”:

”’Writing Credits”’

His song credits include:

1947 – Bring The Pain (later remade by Method Man)

1979 – Drew Brees Is The Bees Knees(yearly re-mixes until 1997)

1984 – If Loving LeBron Is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right (co-writers Alvin Glymph and Thomas Stephens)

1987 — Kelvin Benjamin’s Thoughts On Cam Jam (double platinum in Buffalo, NY)

2017 — In My Feelings (Keke do you love me?) – feat Drake

Gerald Hedrick (far right) with Drake (far left) with a fan in the studio to record “In My Feelings”.

”’Post Music Career”’ 

The Jerk with the Smirk would later go on to work for Defy Life, the internet’s top Sports and Lifestyle website, run by perhaps the internet’s most handsome group of men.  During his time at Defy Life, Tom had the opportunity to speak with various sport and media icons such as Sean Payton, Austin Hooper and Tshimanga “Tim” Biakabutuka (whom Hedrick considers “the prototype for the modern NFL running).  Money and Biakabtuka went on to form a life-long friendship that mainly consisted of Tim randomly showing up a Hedrick’s Defy Life office to stiff arm him in the hallway.

– “G-Money” is credited for the widespread use of the phrase “Not the Kid!”.

– During the spring of 1972 “Gerald” hiked through Charlotte, NC with a group that included the fat kid that played Hercules in The Nutty Professor and Billy Idol.

– Defeated Andrew The Giant (Andre’s cousin) for the WWE title in July of 1993 (would later be forced to turn in the belt after it was discovered that he forged his father’s signature.

Hedrick before his match with Andrew the Giant.

– Friends (and foes) refer to Gerald simply as “Not him again…”

– Claims to have been the original inventor of Sonic The Hedgehog.

– Appeared on the original season of “The Bachelor” in 1961.

– Opened for Leonard Skynard and Ice Cube.

– Originally cast as Roc on FOX’s sitcom “Roc”, but subsequently turned down the role after signing a 1-year deal as the backup holder for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

– He is a distant cousin (second removed) to Emeka Okafor and Sean May.

– Once ate 232 oysters at the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest.

– Vehemently believes that the single greatest Hip-Hop album ever is Silkk the Shocker’s “Tru 2 Da Game”

– Twice engaged to Vanessa Huxtable.

– Tells anyone who will listen that “Adam Morrison is the epitome of the American Dream!”

– Dropped his affinity for the New Orleans Saints after finding an Atlanta Falcons toe ring in his Cracker Jacks.


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