Movies With Migs: Teen Titans Go! To The Movies scores!!!

It’s pleasant and fun for all! Let’s take a look.

I know. I know. You may very well be one of those fans who are still super salty that the Teen Titans series from 2003 got replaced with Teen Titans Go! I watched Teen Titans myself, and I wondered what the logic was behind changing the animation style, and the entire format from serious action to slapstick, but I must say that Teen Titans Go! To The Movies is the fresh air that DC needed. I recommend giving this a view. Kids will most likely love it, and if you are a fan of DC and Marvel, there are plenty of jabs being thrown to laugh at. I don’t watch Teen Titans Go!, but the trailer for the movie grabbed me. It looked fun and lighthearted, and when I heard the Deathstroke/Deadpool joke, I knew I was in. Last week I was able to attend an early screening, and that was a great time. As we waited for the screening to start, I saw all kinds of kids in the lobby playing and being excited to watch this film. It was awesome!  Made me feel like a kid again. The movie starts off trolling and I love it! The plot is a simple one….The Titans have to be “real” heroes by stopping a major bad guy, and only then can they get their own movie, like Superman (voiced by Nicolas Cage, which is HEEELARIOUS if you know why) and Wonder Woman. Maybe even get a whole bunch of movies, like Batman. So who is the fortunate villain? Enter…SLAAAAAADDDDDEEEEEEEEEEE aka “Deadpool” (watch the movie….you’ll get it then)!! The slapstick humor and the 4th wall breaks had me cracking up. If you know some comic book history and certain hero origins, be ready to laugh at how those situations are “recreated”. I really enjoyed this flick. It clocks in at 84 minutes, which works out great for the kids, and the story is very easy to follow. I didn’t mind the silly animation style, and I really enjoyed the song at the beginning of the movie. Very catchy (I’m repeating it in my head as I type). This movie isn’t going to make millions and millions of dollars like the live action DCEU movies, but after the dud that was Justice League, Teen Titans was very refreshing, and a good time.  Catch it in the theater if you can, and stay till the very end!

Migs Rodriguez



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