Top 10 Stadiums In College Football

ITS FOOTBALL SEASON!!! But let’s do it College Style – TOP 10 Football Stadiums to see a game.

Annnd here come NFL football Sundays, but wait. Not so fast! Many of our most fierce sports and football fans also have the crazed love of college football. In the spirit of college football fans everywhere. We have complied a list of top 10 places to catch a game. To get the full experience, we took into account the building, the atmosphere, the scene, the crowd….yea mostly the crowd. There is NOTHING that gets me more hyped for football, or gives me chills, than an awesome college crowd! So enjoy!

10. Doak Cambell Stadium – Florida State University
Capacity – 79,560
Love or hate FSU, this is a great place to catch a ballgame. Put away those gameday rally towels, we want the CHOP! 80,000 ohhhhhhh, oooo ohhhhhh, and you get the point.

9. Autzen Stadium – Oregon Ducks
Capacity – 54,000
Don’t let the smaller crowd size and beautiful backdrop of Eugune, Oregon fool you, its loud…very loud. Nickname, “The Autzen Zoo” for a reason. This place rocks, the fans there are awesome.


8. Camp Randall Stadium – The University of Wisconsin
Capacity -80,321
Oh yea, lets “Party the Red Sea” ! When those little funny cartoon characters are done racing, everyone knows what time it is. The opposing players are even known to take this all in.


7. Kyle Field – Texas A&M
Capacity – 102,733
College Station is just flat out an awesome scene to see. Its vaunted 12th man roots this fanbase in their love of the Aggies. And boy, do they love em!!

6. Lane Stadium – Virginia Tech
Capacity -66,233
The Hokie entrance is a long standing tradition. This entrance is 2nd to none in the entire sports world. It is does something to these fans on any cool Blacksburg night. As an opposing team, you DON’T want Tech up on you, in the 4th quarter on a Thursday night. Because when Enter Sandman comes on….Wow.

5. Beaver Stadium – Penn State
Capacity -106,572
‘We Are, Penn State” The sea of white looks like it will never end on white out nights in University Park on mass to see their Nittany Lions in action. This kind of backdrop and magical atmosphere is amazing.

4. Williams Brice Stadium – University of South Carolina
Capacity – 80,250
If you haven’t seen a game here, man you are missing out. Get you some sandstorm in your life. And that entrance. WOW!

3. Memorial Stadium – Clemson
Capacity – 81,500
Nick Name, “Death Valley”. Teams get the sense that they are going out on the field here with little chance to win. When the Clemson crowd is rolling, its rolling downhill…with momentum, and there is little chance you can get out of the way. Howard’s Rock Entrance, Breath Taking!

2. Tiger Stadium – LSU
Capacity -102,321
It’s almost mythical. It’s the most hostile and intense place to play in the SEC. Its crowd noise registers on the Richter Scale or so they say. For years it’s been widely considered the hardest place to place in college football. SEC fans call it. “The REAL Death Valley”.

This has been fun to put together.

Coming in at Number One we have…..

1.Ohio Stadium – THE Ohio State University
Capacity -104,944 (Seems Like a million)
From the O-H-I-O chants, to the dotting of the “I”. The Beautiful Facility that is the Horseshoe, Is home to the Buckeyes. Columbus, Ohio is at a full stop on gameday, and rightly so. The scene here mixes a wonderful fan experience, and a cult like following.


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