NFL Tight Ends That Do WORK!

Here is a break out of our top 15 Fantasy Tight ends 2018.

Fantasy Beasts w DLE

BrateHoward15. Tampa Bay Bucs Duo of Cameron Brate and O.J Howard make up an interesting tandem. Tampa likes their Tight Ends…..alot. Brate is consistent.  And Howard, well 1 of his every 4.4 catches went for touchdowns in 2017.  In fantasy, that counts.

Projections – 85 catches/10 Touchdowns between the two of them

14. George Kittle, sleeper pick here. Garoppolo to Kittle will be a much reoccurring theme.

Projections – 52 Catches/4 Touchdowns

13. Charles Clay gets the most targets of anyone in the bills receiving corps. This trend continues no matter who plays Qb.

Projections – 57 Catches/4 Touchdowns

Reed12. Tyler Eifert, when on the field, looks like one of the best Tight Ends in football. I think the Bengals fix their offensive woes and Eifert has a bounce back year. Drafting him is risky due to injuries, but the reward may be worth it.

Projections – 54 Catches/5 Touchdowns

11. Jordan Reed is another often-injured player that has huge upside. If he is on the field, he’s a monster. Enter Mr. Alex Smith, and this Redskin’s TE group is poised for a big year.

Projections – 67 catches/ 6 Touchdowns

10. Jack Doyle baby! Jack may deserve to be ranked a bit higher here, but when you bring in an Eric Ebron, who is no slouch, that’s bound to cut into those 108 targets from last year. Andrew Luck is back, but even if there is a setback.  Doyle will get tons of targets.

Projections – 74 catches/ 6 Touchdowns

9. Jared Cook. As the unquestioned started in Oakland Cook was quietly 11th in receptions at TE a year ago. Another year with Carr, and I think its breakout year time.

Projections – 61 Catches/5 touchdowns

8. Kyle Rudolph. New QB, no problem for Kyle Rudolph, this guy is CONSISTENT.

Projections – 68 Catches/7 Touchdowns

Olsen7. Greg Olsen is back. Panther’s fans everywhere are losing their minds. For the first time in Cam Newton’s career, they are finally saying he has weapons in Charlotte.   Greg is still his favorite.

Projections – 74 Catches/8 Touchdowns

6. Evan Engram. What more can you say about this guy? Amazing year last year as a rookie, and EVERYONE in the stadium knew where the ball was going after week 6. They just couldn’t stop it.  Now with a certain rookie running back (dare to whisper his name), and Beckham is also back.  This year could be wide open for Engram

Projections – 74 Catches / 7 Touchdowns

5. Delanie Walker. Walker gets a ton of targets and catches. He needs to fall, dive, or roll into the endzone more, and this is the year he will do it.

Projections – 76 Catches/ 7 Touchdowns

4Jimmy Graham. Jimmy Graham is in Green bay, with HIM (Points to Aaron Rodgers).  He is a legit Redzone threat, and may look a lot like his days with Brees with how often he is targeted.  The league is on notice.  Rodgers puts passes where no one else can.  Jimmy has a huge year.

Projections — 71 Catches / 11 Touchdowns

3. Travis Kelce. You may be surprised to not see Kelce ranked number one in these rankings.  But he lost his QB, who was kind of a Captain Check Down guy at times, and Kelce was the beneficiary.  Let’s see how that plays out.

Projections 78 Catches / 8 Touchdowns

2. Zach Ertz is goooooood. When Zach Ertz plays with Carson Wentz, he is elite. Look for huge numbers out of this guy.

Projections – 80 catches / 8 Touchdowns

1. Rob Gronkowski.  Rob has an attitude problem, Rob can’t stay healthy, he misses games here and there.  Well…so what.  All he does is catch Touchdowns, and he plays with Brady.  He will once again be the most frequent Tight End taken first in fantasy leagues everywhere this summer!

Projections 74 Catches / 12 Touchdowns



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