Fantasy Beasts’ Releases Its 2018 Top 15 Fantasy Wide Receivers Along With Projections

It’s been stated for the past few years that today’s NFL is a passing league. These play-makers wouldn’t have it any other way.

This category has been owned by the likes of Brown, Jones, and Green for at least half a decade. Now the young guys are ascending while staking their claims as tops in League. This is Fantasy Beasts’ Top 15 Fantasy Wide Receivers of 2018. Will Brown still reign supreme?

15. Demaryius Thomas: Thomas hadn’t been the same since Manning, before the neck injury. Entering Keenum into the fold should allow Thomas to produce top 15 fantasy numbers.

Projections: 86 receptions for 1,017 yards with 7 touchdowns

j.gordon14. Josh Gordon: Gordon really should be higher on this list. However, I don’t know what’s going on with his newest issue.

Projections: 70 receptions for 1,001 yards with 9 touchdowns

13. Marvin Jones: Jones emerged as the Lions big play receiver last year. Playing another year in this system should garner better stats.m. jones

Projections: 78 receptions totaling 1,160 yards with 8 touchdowns

12. Adam Thielen: The Vikings system is predicated on the slot receiver. He should be just fine with Captain Kirk coming to town.

Projections: 81 receptions for 1,050 yards with 6 touchdowns

cooks11. Brandon Cooks: Cooks has posted 1,000 yard seasons for two different teams. He’s only getting better. Look for Cooks to improve on his stats after potentially moving to a number 1 receiver role.

Projections: 80 receptions totaling 1,164 yards with 6 touchdowns

10. Mike Evans: Evans is missing his quarterback for the first three games of the season. But, don’t let that influence you to pass on him if he’s available late second or early in the third round.

Projections: 75 receptions for 1,080 yards with 8 touchdowns

9. DeVante Adams: Adams has surfaced as the lead dog in Green Bay. Rogers is going to look for him early and often.

Projections: 89 receptions for 1,055 with 8 touchdowns

8. Keenan Allen: Allen is Phillip Rivers’ safety blanket. As long as that proves to be true, Allen will continue to post great fantasy numbers. k. allen

Projections: 94 receptions totaling 1,199 with 6 touchdowns




7. T.Y. Hilton: Andrew Luck is healthy

Projections: 88 receptions for 1,321 yards with 7 touchdowns

6. A.J. Green: The Bengals passing game doesn’t look the same without Hue Jackson. A.J. is still capable of carrying you to a fantasy championship.

Projections: 96 receptions totaling 1,272 yards with 8 touchdowns

5. Michael Thomas: Thomas had a top 5 fantasy season last year. He may be ready to assert himself as the top wide receiver in the game.m. thomas

Projections: 109 receptions for 1,308 with 9 touchdowns

4. Julio Jones: Julio has been a fantasy beast since the Falcons mortgaged their entire draft to secure him. Hopefully his contracted issues are worked out soon in Atlanta. So we can sit back and watch Julio ball!

Projections: 89 receptions for 1,399 with 8 touchdowns

3. Odell Beckham Jr.: Odell missed the majority of the season with a lower right leg injury. Make no mistakes about it. He’s Ready To Wreak Havoc On the League!

Projections: 88 receptions amassing 1,205 yards with 13 touchdowns

2. Antonio Brown: Brown will be his dominant self. You can’t go wrong with him. He’s been the consensus number 1 fantasy Receiver for several years.

Projections: 103 receptions totaling 1,488 yards with 10 touchdowns

1. DeAndre Hopkins: Hopkins has finally been blessed with a quarterback that can continuously get him the ball. As long as everyone stays healthy, he should post career numbers across the board.

Projections: 101 receptions amassing 1,401 yards with 14 touchdowns


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