Falcons and Superstar Receiver Julio Jones talks heat up

After missing the start of training camp, talks between Julio Jones and the Atlanta Falcons have begun to heat up marking the first hold out of a Falcon player in nearly a decade.


While other less civilized franchises who shall remain nameless have routinely had annual squabbles over money, the Falcons have managed to keep their stars happy during the tenure of owner Arthur Blank. The team’s theme of “Brotherhood” is more than just a catch phrase for this beloved owner.

Left to right GM Thomas Dimitroff, Owner Arthur Blank, Coach Dan Quinn, President Rich Mckay

After the announcement Wednesday that both the general manager Thomas Dimitroff, and Head Coach Dan Quinn both signed two-year extensions to their contracts while both having two years remaining on their deals respectively, the team turned their attention to their superstar receiver who has 3 years remaining on his deal.

The team is willing to discuss an extension but fears that they could be setting a bad precedent by opening up negotiations so soon into a 5 year contract that was just finalized at the end of the 2015 season. Superstars will get superstar treatment in every sport and football is no different. The Falcons cut of the TV deal proceeds in 2016 was somewhere around $244 million and that doesn’t include gates, concessions, parking, breathing on the premises fee(Ok I made that one up), PSL’s, or any other forms of revenue the teams have concocted.

Bottom line is Juilo will get paid just like every other important person in the organization has gotten paid because Blank, unlike other owners truly cares about the players in his organization.

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