Dressing For Pennies

It’s an outdated conclusion that you have to spend a fortune to be well-dressed. Some of us like to mimic the wardrobes of the fashion forward celebrities, A or B list. However, we can’t afford to. I have a remedy for that. We will search for a great fit, for cheap. Dressing is universal. Whether it’s the flashy guy, subtle guy, non-traditional guy, or the classic guy. Which one are you? I will be unmasking three jewels to you. They will assist you on your way to dressing for less.

1. The clearance rack is your friend. Always look for sales. Preferably, anything over 50% discount. Remember! A penny saved is a penny earned.   belkmaxx and marshallsrackross21dillards

2. Never pay full price for a desired clothing item. You can always find a deal; always! Unless you are in a time crunch, without a second to spare. Which is my number 3.

3. Never wait until the 11th hour to assemble your fit. Waiting to shop until you need to shop will cause you to spend more money. That’s why I encourage you to shop casually. You are your own business. Therefor, you must incorporate plans to invest in yourself. IMG_2018

Footnote: Wow! I almost forgot. Don’t be a slave to a label. What I mean by that is;
don’t limit yourself to one specific brand. For years I was proud to say, “I only wear Ralph Lauren.” That’s not a knock on Ralph, he’s one of my favorite designers. But, there are a lot of great makers out there. Explore Them!

Dillard’s-Shirt: Murano Performance: short sleeve, milton-collar neckIMG_2015

regular price: $59.99

sale price: $17.89

Jeans: Forever 21; Slim-fit Ripped-Knee

regular price: $24.90

sale price $9.99

Golf Hat: Ralph Lauren(Polo)

regular price: $29.99IMG_0131

sale price: $9.99

Total Price: $114.88

Sale Total: $37.87



IMG_2023 (1)

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