Fantasy Beasts’ Top 15 Fantasy Running Backs With Projections for 2018 NFL Season.

Fantasy football drafts are only weeks away. We will be unveiling our top 15 fantasy running backs. Has Gurley done enough to dethrone Le’Veon Bell?

15. Jerick McKinnon: McKinnon had a great season in the absence of Dalvin Cook. Now he has taken his skills west to a Kyle Shanahan system that thrives on versatile running backs.

Projection: 200 carries for 800 yards with 8 touchdowns, 60 receptions for 498 yards with 3 touchdowns

14. Dalvin Cook: Cook was on his way to potentially offensive rookie of the year until he was derailed by a torn acl. Four games into the season he had already accumulated 354 yards on 74 carries. Dalvin added 11 receptions for 90 yards without any touchdowns. cook

Projections: 230 carries for 1,104 yards 10 touchdowns, 48 receptions for 360 yards with 4 touchdowns

13. Joe Mixon: Joe is coming off a sub-par rookie season. He battled through injury and maybe the worse offensive line in the NFL. Mixon still managed to run for 626 yards on 178 attempts. He also added 30 receptions for 287 yards without any touchdowns.

Projections: 265 carries for 1,060 yards with 8 touchdowns, 35 receptions for 300 yards with 1 touchdown

12. Devonta Freeman: Freeman had a down year. He posted 865 yards on 196 attempts with 6 touchdowns. He added 36 receptions for 317 yards with 1 touchdown. Those totals were all down since he became the lead dog in the A. Freeman is healthy again and should obtain great numbers.

Projections: 240 carries for 1,008 with 10 touchdowns, 44 receptions for 330 with 2 touchdowns

11. Saquon Barkley: New York’s prayers are answered. They couldn’t believe Barkley was still on the board at 2. He is entrenched as the day one starter, bringing his big play ability to the big apple.

Projections: 250 carries for 1,050 yards with 9 touchdowns, 48 receptions 384 yards with 3 touchdowns

10. Jordan Howard: Howard is a workhorse back and should accumulate great numbers. But Beware! Tarik Cohen will definitely garner his share of touches.

Projections: 250 carries for 1,025 for 10 touchdowns, 19 receptions for 108 yards with 1 touchdown

kamara9. Alvin Kamara: Kamara has a great chance to become the 3rd running back in NFL history to rush for 1,000 and receive for 1,000. His running mate, Mark Ingram is suspended the first quarter of the season. So he should get off to an unbelievable start.

Projections: 200 carries for 1,000 with 9 touchdowns, 91 receptions for 913 yards with 7 touchdowns

8. LeSean McCoy: Mcoy has been the Bills workhorse for several years. We don’t expect that to change. He’s in a sticky situation right now. As long as he’s proven innocent of any wrong doing. It should be business as usual for Shady.

Projections: 300 carries for 1200 yards with 9 touchdowns, 66 receptions for 462 yards with 2 touchdowns

7. Leonard Fournette: Fournette proved to be the real deal. The Jags wait is over! Don’t be surprised if this animal leads the league in rushing.

Projections: 310 carries for 1302 yards with 14 touchdowns, 33 receptions 310 yards without a touchdown

6. Melvin Gordon: Gordon put up excellent stats even though he was injured the last quarter of the season.gordon

Projections: 308 carries for 1,232 yards with 9 touchdowns, 65 receptions for 500 yards with 4 touchdowns

5. Kareem Hunt: If anyone said they saw this coming, they’re lying. If you think last year was a fluke, pass on him! The only problem with that is, you will have face him.

Projections: 285 carries for 1225 with 7 touchdowns, 60 receptions for 485 yards with 4 touchdowns

4. David Johnson: Two Words..He’s Back!johnson

Projections: 310 carries for 1,240 yards with 10 touchdowns, 70 receptions 608 yards with 5 touchdowns

3. Ezekiel Elliott: Zeke can focus on delivering for Cowboys this season. All of the drama is in his rear-view mirror. He’s going to have a special year.

Projections: 322 carries 1,416 yards with 15 touchdowns, 30 receptions for 285 yards with 1 touchdown

2. Le’Veon Bell: Bell has been the definition of a Fantasy Beast. If you were fortunate to draft him, you were probably in the playoffs, with a chance to win it all. Barring any holdouts, Le’Veon is going to be simply “Le’Veon.”

Projections: 318 carries for 1,303 yards with 11 touchdowns, 88 receptions for 700 yards with 4 touchdowns

1. Todd Gurley: If Bell is the definition of a Fantasy Beast. Gurley is the Definition of Definition! He lead the league in total touchdowns,  while amassing 2,000 yards from scrimmage. Todd is poised to have an even better year!

Projections: 285 carries for 1,339 with 14 touchdowns, 66 receptions for 690 yards with 6 touchdowns


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