Fantasy Beasts’ 2018 Rookie First Round Projections

Baker Mayfield, QBimages Baker

Cleveland Browns

Baker is a high IQ, highly skilled player. Normally the first overall pick gets in and competes right away. However, Tyrod Taylor is a multidimensional quarterback that will force Baker to mop up duty.

Stats: passing 378 yards with 2 touchdowns, 68 rushing yards with 1 touchdown

Saquon Barkley, RB

New York Giants

Barkley has elite vision, speed and pass catching ability. He will walk into camp as the unquestioned starter. If his offensive line does anything remotely close to blocking he’ll probably be this years’ Offensive Rookie of the Year. Just sit back and enjoy the show!

Stats: 230 carries totaling 1016 yards with 9 touchdowns, 44 receptions for 317 yards with 4 touchdowns

Sam Donald, QB

New York Jets

Donald was drafted into a play now situation. The Jets are equipped with young play makers that should aide Donald’s numbers.

Stats: passing 2,200 totaling 17 touchdowns with 12 interceptions, 26 carries for 82 yards with 1 touchdown

Josh Allen, QBdownload josh allen

Buffalo Bills

Josh is a very good athlete that has all the intangibles to be your prototypical franchise quarterback. Other than an aging Shady McCoy his weapons are limited. However, his erratic ball placement may derail his star potential.

Stats: passing 2,316 yards totaling 11 touchdowns with 16 interceptions, 42 carries totaling 144 yards with 4 touchdown.

Josh Rosen, QB

Arizona Cardinals

“Chosen” Rosen may not begin the year as the starter. However, he’s only a Bradford tackle away before he hits center stage.

Stats: passing 3,300 yards totaling 18 with 13 interceptions, 17 carries for 66 yards with 0 touchdowns

D.j. Moore, WR      download dj moore

Carolina  Panthers

Moore is an athletic, explosive play maker that will be thrust into a starter position next season.

Stats: 58 receptions totaling 809 yards with 6 touchdowns, 17 carries for 109 yards with 3 touchdowns

Hayden Hurst, TE

Baltimore Ravens

Hurst is regarded as the draft’s best tight end prospect. The Ravens needed a big, physical fast guy to occupy the hashes in the center of the field.

Stats: 38 receptions for 542 yards with 7 touchdowns

Calvin Ridley, WR

Atlanta Falcons

Ridley is the complement to arguably the best wide receiver in the game. He should be able to post great rookie numbers.

Stats: 66 receptions for 782 with 9 touchdowns, 9 carries for 48 yards with 1 touchdown

Rashaad Penny, RB

Seattle Seahawks

Penny is a power-speed guy that the hawks have been waiting on. He’s going to be given an opportunity to show what he has to offer in this run first offense.

Stats: 200 carries for 912 yards with 10 touchdowns, 26 receptions for 208 yards with 2 touchdowns

Sony Michel, RB

New England Patriots

Michel has fell into an ideal situation. He’s going to be inserted in situations to be successful.

Stats: 92 carries for 406 with 5 touchdowns, 55 catches for 385 yards with 5 touchdowns

Lamar Jackson, QB

Baltimore Ravens

As soon as the Ravens realize the future is now with Lamar, he’ll hit the ground running. He may have been the most freakish athlete in the draft.

Stats: passing 1,616 yards totaling 9 touchdowns with 8 interceptions, 42 carries 378 yards with 7 touchdowns


images lamar jackson



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