Winston Duke Set To Take On Role As Kimbo Slice

Winston Duke who recently rose to fame as T’Challa’s ally M’Baku in Marvel’s multi-billion dollar grossing Black Panther has been cast to play MMA legend Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson in Backyard Legend.

The screenplay is currently being written about the Bahamian-born, Miami-bred backyard brawler who fought his way out from homelessness to international mixed martial arts fame.  During his early years, Slice watched his brutal backyard fights grow into a YouTube phenomenon. In June of 2016, Kimbo died suddenly from heart failure and a liver mass at she 42.


Duke and Michael Imber, Slice’s longtime friend and manager, who will be prominently depicted in the picture — the role has yet to be cast — will also serve as  Executive Producers.

Duke stated “I’m looking forward to exploring Kimbo’s story and interrogating the expectations society places on men like him who are their own special breed of hero.”


One thought on “Winston Duke Set To Take On Role As Kimbo Slice”

  1. I’ll never forget when my college football teammate from Florida turned his laptop to me and said you got to watch this. I asked him what he was talking about and he simply said, “Kimbo Slice”. A grainy home video that started with a little bit of Kimbo benching AC units on chains and then obliterating someone in the street. A few years later he was MMA fighting. I’ll watch this movie. for sure.

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